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Skagit Birdwatch Feb 20

Visit The Maginc SkagitWHEN & WHERE:  Meet at the Bellingham/Skagit Hall at 10:00 am. 1521 North La Venture in Mount Vernon, I-5 College Way exit #227. We will carpool to several locations across the valley.
DETAILS:  Tour led by our “super birder” Paul Woodcock. Everyone’s invited! The tour lasts approximately 5 hours and covers 30 miles (we will need volunteers to drive) with stops for birding and refreshments, minimal walking. Snacks and dinner will be provided.
COST:  We are limited to 15 participants; $45 each including a $20 non-refundable deposit to reserve a space.
DRESS: Dress for the weather! We suggest layers of warm clothing and appropriate footwear. Rain and muddy conditions are possible, but it’s worth the effort. You will not be disappointed!
CONTACTS:  Register with Roosmiwati Reynolds at 360 734-8517 or roosmiwati@gmail.com. Let her know if you need a place to stay.

The Skagit River Delta is a winter birding paradise with an international reputation. We will see thousands of Snow Geese, hundreds of Trumpeter Swans, waterfowl and shorebirds. Raptors winter in large numbers, particularly Bald Eagles, Red-tailed Hawks and a few Merlin and Peregrine Falcons. Ravens and herons are numerous, plus other songbirds with possibly a surprise or two.

Paul Woodcock (Birdman)

Paul Woodcock (Birdman)

Paul Woodcock has over 50 years birding experience and has led trips for the North Cascades Audubon Society for many years.

This event is Subud Bellingham/Skagit’s annual house-maintenance fundraiser.

[Editor’s note: Remember, Birders are patriotic bad-asses who provide their own snacks.]

(Download flyer.)

Skagit Birdwatching

Paul Woodcock (Birdman)

Paul Woodcock (Birdman)

The annual Birdwalk fundraiser for Subud Skagit happened on Valentine’s Day 2015, and the event was sold-out, meaning a nice little payday to help the community maintain their house on Laventure Road in Mt. Vernon. Unseasonable weather was welcomed by the participants who traveled from Fort Langley and Vancouver, BC, Portland, Oregon, Seattle and elsewhere, and who were led ably by avid birder Paul Woodcock.

Trumpeter Swans, Snow Geese, Red-Tailed Hawks, Bald Eagles, Ducks, Mergansers, Wigeons, Blue Herons and other species of birds were spotted, sometimes in very large numbers, sometimes in such a way that made whole fields white. Marius Hibbard, Subud Skagit’s expert photographer was able to get some quality photos and the gang headed back to the Subud House to honor birds the best way they know how, by EATING one. (A turkey.) The feast at the Subud House was orchestrated by former restauranteur Michael DuBois and was incredible. If you’ve not attended this event, make plans to do so in 2016.


Trumpeter Swans


Paul & his scope


Subud Portland Chair Bhakti Watts, PNW Regional Helper Elisha Gullixson & some of the crew


Yes, bakeries.


A Fantastic AfterFeast of Fowl.


Birdwatch, Feb 14, 2015

The Birds!

The Birds!

Announcing the Seventh-Annual Subud Bellingham/Skagit Bird Tour
Saturday, February 14, 2015
Bring your honey or treat yourself!
Gift Certificates Available
Cost: $45 per person
(accommodations available for out of towners)

Join us as we witness the magic of the Skagit River Delta, a winter birding paradise with an international reputation. You’ll see thousands of snow geese, hundreds of trumpeter swans, waterfowl and shorebirds. Raptors winter here in large numbers, particularly bald eagles, red-tailed hawks and a few merlin and peregrine falcons. Ravens and herons are numerous, plus other songbirds and maybe a surprise or two.

Along the way we will sample some delicious eats from artisan bakeries. At the end of the 5-hour tour, we’ll arrive back at the Subud house for a hearty and delicious home-cooked Valentine’s Day dinner fit for kings and queens (and yes, there will be chocolate!)

To register contact
Robina Page at 360 384-3222   robinapage5443@gmail.com
or Roomswati Reynolds  at 360 734-8517  roosmiwati@gmail.com

Trip guide Paul Woodcock brings 50 years of birding to your experience and has led trips for the North Cascades Audubon Society for over ten years.
This event is Subud Bellingham/Skagit’s annual house-maintenance fundraiser.