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Menucha Scholarship Fund



A workshop was held at Menucha this year, the annual Pacific Northwest Regional Kejiwaan gathering and a report was created Paul Woodcock, with comment from Morris McClellan. Among their recommendations:

1) Create a permanent Menucha Scholarship Fund and state its purpose with clarity and inclusiveness. Spread the word that the purpose of the fund is to raise money so that all who wish to share the Menucha experience can be included.

2) Raise funds year round by promoting donation on the website, regular solicitation and several annual fund-raising events. (I suggest that we should start raising money for next year at the end of each Menucha by “passing the hat” for next year’s scholarship funding, maybe a Menucha evaluation/feedback form each year with a solicitation at the end and inclusion of a fund-raising mention with all Menucha- related communications etc.? PW.)

3) Find a volunteer fund/funding program director under the Regional Commitee to help oversee the fund and fundraising and not add these duties to an existing committee position?

4) Funds should be distributed by the method currently used. The process needs to be kept simple (through a personal statement of need by each scholarship applicant?). If there are funding requests that cannot be met one year, those applicants should be moved to the top of next-year’s list. (This important part we did not thoroughly discuss.)

You can download the whole report here: https://www.subudgreaterseattle.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Menucha_Where_Do_We_Go_From_Here__Discussion_Report.pdf

The next Menucha gathering is November 12-15, 2015.