Ramadan 2015 by Isman

From Muhammad Isman Kanafsky, originally posted on Facebook:


Muhammad Isman Kanafsky

Muhammad Isman Kanafsky

We are now in the month of the ancestors. Bapak said that in this month God allows those of our ancestors, who are spiritually developed, to visit us in this world,

I will start my Ramadan fast on the evening of Wednesday June 17th and fast for 30 days through July 17th. Idul Fitr begins on July 18th. That is the time that I ask forgiveness to all those that I have offended during the past year. That is also the time that I give help to the poor and needy.

The way I do the fast is to wake up at 3:00 a.m. and prepare a meal similar to breakfast. After that I make my intention to start my fast which usually begins at dawn or 4:30 a.m.. Then I make my intention to recite the dawn prayer and then recite it. At that time I do not eat or drink anything until sundown that day, or approximately 6:30 p.m. that evening, when I break my fast. I do that for 30 days.

In my understanding, the purpose of the fast is to be close to God. To experience living in a state that is close to the power of God and free from self interest. Of course I can only do this as far as I am capable. But each year I do the fast, I notice that my capacity to experience that becomes greater. After fasting for 20 days, the Nights of Power begin. On the 21st night through the 30th night. That is the time when, if I have fasted correctly, I can receive a gift or blessing from Almighty God. Of course, there is no guarantee that I will receive anything, but according to the Koran, that is the time to receive a gift from God.

May the One Almighty God bless all those who do the fast this year, in this life and in the life in the hereafter. Amin!