Updated International Helpers Visit Pacific Northwest

Pictured above left to right are Mahmud Nestman, Myriam Ramsey, Suzanne Renna and Sjarifruddin Harris

Friday, Jan. 12 – Subud Greater Seattle – Eastside facility

  • Group Dinner at 6 pm with Subud Members at Pogacha Restaurant in Bellevue (See Halstein Stralberg for details)
  • Attend 8 pm latihan Friday evening

Saturday, Jan. 13 – Bellingham/Skagit Valley

  • Will drive up from Bellevue, WA Saturday morning
  • 11 am Latihan
  • Group activities as decided by the group

Sunday, Jan. 14 – Subud Greater Seattle Subud House 

  • Attending morning 11 am. latihan
  • Potluck Lunch – Please bring a dish to
  • Group Activities with the IH team

Monday, Jan 15 – Portland Subud House

  • Attending Evening 8 pm. latihan
  • Group activities decided by the group

Tuesday, Jan 16 – Portland Subud House

  • Attending 1 pm. latihan
  • Group activities decided by the group