Can Practice Make Perfect: The Power Of Listening and Speaking

It was my privilege to be a part of a regional helper team, assisting the Subud Greater Seattle committee and helpers in organizing a Kedjiwaan Day last Saturday.

This request started with your chair, Honora, asking for help from the regional helpers during our Spring Subud PNW Regional Board meeting in Bellingham/Skagit Valley group’s facility.  It took a while to organize, but the outcome seemed to satisfy everyone.

Each member attending spoke clearly about what they have been experiencing and what they needed.  These same members set the agenda and determined what was to be tested and how much latihan was desired.  These same members brought food for the potluck that was sufficient for our needs and satisfied everyone. All the regional helpers did was to help the group determine the date available and the facilitation desired agenda.

During and after members asked, “Why don’t we do this on a regular basis?”

All that’s required is for the group to setup a regular schedule.  Example: the Bellingham/Skagit Valley group has a general meeting one month and a Kedjiwaan day the next.

What do the members of SGS want for themselves?

Making time to listen deeply to each other might have a transformative impact on lives of the members of Subud Greater Seattle and in turn on the center itself.

If your regional helpers can help you further in understanding how to go about the planning of a regular series of future kedjiwaan events, please let us know.