Dewan Minutes October 6 2018

Subud Pacific Northwest – Greater Seattle Center

Dewan Minutes October 6, 2018

Attendees:  Jim O’Halloran (Acting Chair), Sherwin O’Bar (Treasurer), Leandra (Secretary), Marston Gregory (Facilities), Devora Machado-Santos (Housekeeping), Paul Nelson (Rental Agent.)  Call to Order 10:19am. after Latihan

Jim mentions that he is acting Chair, as Honora will not be available for Subud activities for the time being.

Financial Report:

$317 in red for 2018 The decision to payoff the SPNW loan with a $2,157 payment in June is a factor in this situation. We will pay off $2,157 in SPNW loans this year.  $6,562 is still due to SUSA  We will also pay off $1,717 in property insurance for 2018-2019.  Roughly 53% of the building is now taxable.  This will not be retroactive, so currently we have no previous tax liability.  In 2019 there will be an estimated $3,000-4,000 in estimated taxes due to business activities.  Property taxes are due in April and October. We can view tax liability online and Jim suggests referring to that when we create the 2019 budget.  Property insurance will be terminated at the end of June 2019 due to Airbnb activities.  This is currently covered by SUBUD PNW.   Seattle’s share is approximately $3,400.   SGS has paid half so far we will pay the remainder of approximately $1717 by concurrence of the committee.  We do have to file a general income tax for 2017 due to Airbnb and we get an extension in May.  We will report a several thousand dollar loss, which we need to report in the event of the possibility of future profitable years. We should also pay insurance in 2018, so as to further help our tax situation.   We are seeking a new treasurer so Sherwin is not wearing the SPNW and SGS hats.  This was discussed informally after the conclusion of the meeting, and is still pending.

Airbnb report:

Rentals are down 2.6% from last year, this is due to a high record last year in September of $9,933.  Airbnb revenues including all current October reservations is $66,620. October 2018 will likely exceed revenues of October 2017.  2019: New regulations will cap new Airbnb businesses. May work in our favor, may not. Unless we do something about capacity we will stay low.

House report:

Staining of disabled ramp:  Leandra.  Leandra intends to do it this coming Saturday after projected good weather Thursday and Friday.  She would like to be paid, and expects the total to be under $200.00

2019 house budget:

  • Painting:  Owl Painting will be submitting a new bid on this job.  His bid and work is so good I would go with him.  Other bids I got were much higher.  He has said he has found a new paint which he feels will work much better.  We will need to borrow money to do painting.  Need color scheme. From Insiah with 3 options. Marston will contact Insiah.  Possible house expansion: to open up attic to airbnb for additional rev. 2 or 3 years out. to add a shower to the building.  Need Blinds in living room.  Ok to delay.  Downstairs kitchen counter top. Ok to delay.

Insulation bid: The previous bid was $3700, and had an estimated return on investment of 8% per year.  However, the wiring above the rooms would have to be converted from the current knob and post-so the expense for that would reduce the return.  Maybe something for 2019 or 2020. Any changes that we make to the building must be reviewed in the tax status.

Childcare and testing results:

Once a month could be helpful. Right now is not needed. Refocus this energy. Kids are welcome at our upcoming dinner.  Childcare would need to be off site if during latihan.

Upcoming events:

Susila Dharma Dinner: Suggested donation.  Are kids at the same price point? Budgeted for 20-25 people right now.  Need: ask about childcare.  Rsvp by the 19th

Winter holiday get together: Hosted by Hadijah o’Bar.

Time: sundays are ok. potluck style.

SUBUD Ladies lunch: hosted by Hadijah O’Bar. Time: Lunch time ok.

New Business:

No helper report

No helpers were present by the time we got to this.  Lucinda mentioned earlier that the helpers have received the SUSA census, have distributed it, and the Women will get together soon to work on their part of it.  Marston mentioned that there seems to be a shortage of Women helpers-Hadijah Gregory has been meeting with an applicant as the current active helpers are overextended.  Debbie Santos would like to test as an applicant helper.

In need of women helpers. We need to recruit some candidate helpers.


Next SPNW meeting line of credit for next year at 10,000.

Next dewan meeting

 Saturday November 3rd 10AM

Next general meeting

 Sunday November 4th after Latihan (in Seattle).

Annual Meeting

 Sunday January 27 after Latihan