Dewan Meeting Minutes Sept 28, 2013

Subud Greater Seattle Dewan Meeting

Minutes:  Sunday, September 29, 2013

Present: Jim O’Halloran, Marston Gregory, Oswald Norton, Elisha Gullixson, Paul Nelson, Hadiyah Carlyle, Sherwin and Hadijah Obar. The Meeting was run by Elisha Gullixson.

Review of Last Months Minutes 

Minutes taken by Hadiyah Carlyle, which were amended and accepted by the committee. This is reflected on the Subud Greater Seattle website.

Financial Report

Sherwin projects revenues will be down $4500 by end of year.  The committee agreed to hold a fund drive to raise the necessary money through donations from membership by 12/31/13.

Please email Sherwin if you’d like a copy of the financial report.

Old Business:

Review of current latihan schedule: Is it meeting the needs of the members? What can be done if we do not have enough helpers to cover current latihan times?

Jim and Hadijah reported on current men and women helper discussions so far.  It was decided to get more input from members regarding preferred latihan schedule.  Oswald suggested we conduct a survey of membership to get up to date data.

Clarification on timing of helper latihan.  Helper latihan is held the 3rd Sunday of the month as is published in the Lathan schedule.  This latihan occurs after the regularly scheduled group latihan. Prior to this starting, the men and women helpers will meet to share.

Spring Street Center 


Repairs since the last committee meeting include:

  • Plaster paint touched up in the chapel and upstairs bedroom
  • Leaking toilets repairs
  • Bird guards put in above the bench they were soiling (although more work is necessary on that front)
  • Second hand  rail on interior stairs

Future Repairs Needed:

  • Front of house railing and entrance platform rotting
  • Doors to the chapel, need push bars to fire code and be more secure.


Revenues for 2013 are catching up. We have added a psychotherapy workshop and one wedding.

We are hoping to reach 2012 levels.  If you know of anyone needing a space to rent, please have them speak with Paul.


Marketing websites such as MiNeeds and Eventective are proving to be insufficient for marketing our house. It was recommended that we continue with the cultural programs, such as the visit of El Habib Louai and Poems for Peace.


The committee asked our treasurer to determine the amount of marketing in our annual budget for marketing. The Spring Street Center subcommittee is to manage that budget and determine the best way to use those funds.

Cascadia Poetry Festival:

Paul requested use of Spring Street Center for lodging and poetry events the weekend of May 1-4, 2014, for the Cascadia Poetry Festival. (No latihan times will be missed.) In exchange for the use of the house Spring Street Center will be given a promotional table at the Small Press Fair to promote the Center.

As the committee had already agreed to host one free cultural event per month.  This event would qualify as one of these events. However, as there would be 6 events during the festival, the committee asked that SPLAB pay a cleaning deposit of $250 to clean the house after the event. This was agreed. All Subud members will be welcome to attend any of the literary events at the Spring Street Center

Force Field Poetry Reading – To Kick-off Festival

Paul hopes that Subud members will support the Force Field reading of 8 Canadian women poets on Thursday, May 1, 2014, the kickoff event for the festival to happen at Spring Street Center. There will likely be a workshop as well and Subud members will be given early notice.


Next General Meeting

Friday, October 25 on East Side after latihan.

Next Committee Meeting

Sunday, Oct 27 at SGS Spring Street Center at 9A.

Menucha November 7th – 10th