Dewan Meeting Minutes Nov 2, 2014

Subud Dewan Meeting Minutes 11/2/14

Attending:  David Lynch, Sherwin O”Bar, Paul Nelson, Hadiyah Carlyle, Jim O’Halloran

Review of Last Months Minutes


Financial Report – Sherwin O’Bar

Inflows, or revenue,  thru October are $59 thousand, of which $14 thousand is member contributions and $45 thousand is from rentals, primarily Airbnb.  Member contributions are on track to come in at about $2 thousand less than the $18.5 thousand 2014 budgeted amount.  Year end rental income is projected to come in at about $51 thousand compared to the 2014 budget of $20 thousand

Outflows, or expenses, thru October are $52 thousand, of which $22 thousand is rental expense and $19 thousand is occupancy cost.

Net inflows, or income, thru October are $7 thousand.

At the October meeting the committee decided to set aside up to 10% of inflows into a SGS Housing Fund.

Spring Street Center – Paul Nelson

We talked about getting involved with the local community.  It was brought up that people in the neighborhood don’t know what Subud is and wonder about the building.  Paul will attend the Squire Community Council meetings.  David suggested we have an annual open house and open our doors to the community.  We decided our first open house will be Feb 7, Saturday from 2-5.  We will have entertainment and buy food at the co-op and have snacks.

Paul gave a report and said revenues from air B&B are down now but expect to increase again when spring comes.  He will make plans for the winter to encourage Subud members from out of the area to come to Seattle. Revenues through October are over $45,000 and our target for all of 2014 was $20,000, so this year has been a huge success. Cultural outreach through events like the Sam Hamill/Christopher Yohmei Blasdel reading continue. We’ve also had two memorials for beloved local poets contributing the Reception Hall to huge gratitude from friends and family of the departed.

Helper Report – Jim O’Hallorhan

Jim said that both women and men are doing latihan for harmony and healing in the group after Sunday latihan.  The women have also tested for helper development. Hanafi Libman is now active helper on the eastside.  Elijah Gullixson is the new regional helper. 

The men started on an extensive house cleansing.  So far, they have done the upstairs including closets, bathrooms, etc.  They will continue this process and then will have periodic cleansings.

SICA – Paul Nelson

Paul reported that he went to the annual Errington, BC, Subud gathering with Bhakti Watts, Chair of Subud Portland, and Lucas Hille, new Chair of SICA – Canada. Response to the notion of SICA using Paul’s Cascadia Poetry Festival as outreach were positive, especially the men’s testing on it. He was awarded a SICA grant to pay for his expenses and posted a report on his trip here: Paul will also go to Victoria on Nov 5 to follow up with Dave Hitchcock, the organizer of the Errington event.

Upcoming Dates

Next General Meeting – Friday Nov 14 after latihan on the eastside

Memorial for Phillip Quackenbush at Seattle Subud house on Sat Nov 15 at 2:00

Next Dewan Meeting – Sunday Dec 7 at 9:00 am

Holiday Party – Dec 14 after latihan