Dewan Meeting Minutes May 18, 2014

Subud Greater Seattle Minutes General Meeting May 18, 2014

Attendees: Chair David Lynch, treasure Sherwin O’Bar, Marston Gregory, Jim O’Hallorhan, Maryka Ford, Halstein Stralberg, Hadijah O’Bar, Ray and Lucy Brown, Halimah Bellows, Hadiyah Carlyle

The meeting was called to order by chair David Lynch. The minutes of the previous general meeting were not available so it was approved in absentia.

Financial Report
The Center is in good financial shape but we need donations as the house need repairs. We have been doing well with AirB&B. Lewis pointed out that we don’t have emergency funds. Sherwin says he will set up a Capitol Investment account.

National Agenda
David presented the list of proposals to be discussed and voted on at the National Congress.
1. Proposal to combine Million Dollar Fund into the Subud USA Endowment Fund
2. Proposal to create a Subud USA Custodial Housing Fund
3. Ratification of 2012 Bylaws.
4a. Proposal to add preamble to 2012 Bylaws
4b. Proposal to remove proxy vote limit from bylaws, to allow the national board to set it
4c. Proposal to add national helpers as non-voting members of SUSA board.
4d. Proposal to add the past chair of SUSA as a voting member of the current SUSA board.
5. Proposal to redefine membership (to raise required frequency of latihan attendance to be considered a member)
6. Proposal for Subud USA to prioritize enterprise projects, and choose a national enterprise project by 2015 national gathering.
7. World Congress Resolutions (WSA Membership discussion; Decision making in Subud; Ratification of WSA Mission Statement, WSA Archives proposal)
We discussed these proposals and voted on most and instructed David to vote on our behalf at the Congress after getting more information.

Spring Street Center
Marston reported that Air B&B is becoming productive. Tenants are respectful and Paul and Marston have had good experiences with the tenants. However there is wear and tear on the house and we have expenses to maintain the house. Paul and Marston give a personal touch. Our ratings by the tenants have a mostly five star.

A motion to adjourn was made and seconded. This was carried unanimously.

Respectfully submitted: Hadiyah