Dewan Meeting Minutes Mar 15, 2015

Dewan Meeting Minutes, March 15, 2015, 9A

Marston Gregory (Facilities Manager), Hadidjah Gregory (East Side Liaison), Sherwin O’Bar (Treasurer), Hadijah O’Bar (Women’s Helper Representative), Ramon (Chair), Abadeen Gunitilaka (Vice-Chair), Paul Nelson (Rental Agent), Hadiyah Carlyle (Secretary) and Halstein Stralberg were in attendance. David Lynch arrived at 9:30.

Discussion of Helper-Committee Latihan times. What was agreed was first and third Wednesdays and 3rd Saturdays. Ramon to put Halstein Stralberg on the Yahoo Dewan Listserv.

Meeting minutes from last month to be approved, moved by Hadiyah and a second by Abadeen.

Financial report. Sherwin reported that we received the Subuh Foundation check for $10,000, but took it out of the Operating Expense category. For now it has no effect on the bottom line. We spent more than we pulled in by $4,000 in February, but Airbnb seems to be picking up. Seems like Seattle Public Utilities expenses are going up. Garbage, water, sewer are part of this expense. That is a concern. House insurance rates are at $1,700. SPNW is looking to consolidate insurance with all the houses in the region. Ramon will bring this up at the next Regional Dewan meeting in Portland, March 28. Abadeen will attend and get a ride from Ramon. Marston said that our insurance rates are low and when we last looked into consolidating houses in the region, rates would have gone up considerably. Sherwin reports cash reserves are at about $10,000, excluding the grant funds.

The disability access project was discussed. Ramon had questions about the bidding process. Three bids were accepted and David Lynch’s won. The contract has SGS paying David 50% in advance so he can get materials and the rest after the job is complete. David says he’ll fix the chapel doors at $1,500. The ramp project costs $12,000. Ramon requested a copy of David’s bid so he can review it. Hadiyah suggested a deadline for each project and Ramon will talk to David about the timeline for construction.

David reported about his visit to the City Planning Department. The only major work on the house was the addition made to the back of the house and he shared this documentation with the Dewan. He reported that the ground on the side of the house needs to be leveled out with gravel. Some concern was discussed regarding the regular cleaning of basement windows once the ramp is up. Hadidjah suggested at least one other person accompany David during his next visit to the City of Seattle Planning Department. $16,313.25 is the amount of David’s bid. David said that permitting, drawings and site prep amount to $839 for permit, $1,397 for drawings. A site plan is required and there are specific parameters required by the city for that. The dewan had already committed to funding $3,000 from SGS funds for this project. David expects the work to start next month. He said $4,236.54 is required to cover the permit and the drawings. $6,038.35 after the permit is issued so that he may begin work and $6,038.35 will be due upon completion of the project. Marston said he’d like a gate to be part of this. Hadijah O’Bar envisions a fund-raiser/theme party with lots of music, fun, food, raffles, &c to pay for the funds needed, just over $6,300.  She will present a one-page proposal at the next Dewan meeting. Motion to approve the handicap project bid was made by Hadiyah Carlyle and seconded by Hadidjah Gregory. It was approved.

David next reported on the push bar repair for the Chapel doors to the outside. Crash bars are to be installed and Marston reported that all of the house doors should be done with crash bars. $1,500 is the cost of the project and Sherwin suggested holding off for now, but Ramon and Hadidjah suggested going to members to raise funds. Hadiyah and Hadijah want to repair the flooring and carpeting in the Chapel. The group consensus was to hold off on these matters for the time being.

Spring Street Center updated by Paul reported Airbnb revenues for March will be at least $2,435 and other revenues $1,606. Paul discussed a plan to start an open mic series. It was suggested by Marston and Hadijah that expenses are covered by the series. Hadijah suggested to go forward with the idea as long as we could cover basic expenses. Paul suggested that we need to do something for outreach efforts. Marston said on principle, this is a good idea. David suggested the arts have, throughout history, that arts have needed a benefactor. The general tenor is that this is something that we can support as a Dewan.

Facilities report by Marston, for the wedding, Marston will do some wedding. New linens have been put upstairs. A new coffee machine was purchased by Marston and he will install it.

Next Dewan meeting April 12.