Dewan Meeting Minutes July 24, 2016

Attendees:  Ramon, Sherwin and Hadijah O’Bar, Abideen Gunatilaka, Hadiyah Carlyle (who took these minutes).

Minutes June 12, 2016: Approved unanimously

Financial:  As reported by Sherwin, SGS Treasurer

Revenue:  $36.367 (including member donations of $7,771 and Airbnb of $28,162).  Sherwin reported that AirBnB brought in over $3000 for June than last year.  The house has been reserved to capacity. 

Expenses:  $41,650 (rental expense of $16,16 and house improvements of $7,715).

Excess of Expense over Revenue:  $5.283. 

We have one major expense the cross-bar for the door that the membership approved two years ago. Marston is working on getting that done and hopefully we hope we won’t have any major expenses for the remainder of the year.

Subud Dewan Committee:

We discussed present officers and transitioning to another committee next year.  Because of the complexities of AirBnB, Ramon suggested that the new committee be chosen in October and that the present committee work with the new one. We can discuss this further at the next general meeting which will be after latihan in Seattle on Sunday August 14.

Also, to insure that the Treasurer has accountability a motion was made:  SGS treasurer will submit a monthly electronic bank statement by the 15th of each month for review, discussion and approval by the committee.  The Treasurer will provide a monthly copy.  Motion unanimously approved.

Taxes concerning AirBnB:

The dewan needs information on the taxes AirBnB pays on behalf of Subud Pacific Northwest before we register with the state. Paul will try to get the EIN information Airbnb has been using for SPNW so Sherwin can research the tax issue.


Hadijah talked about having a monthly social program.  She will be the liaison with the committee and helpers.  She suggested a potluck, celebrating birthdays etc. 

Next Meetings:


(Has been changed to September 11.)

After latihan in Seattle.  Will have reports about the Congress.  Ramon will post signs.  Hariana will give a presentation as will others.

Sunday August 7 at 9:30 am dewan meeting with Spring St. Center. Submitted by Hadiyah Carlyle, Sec’y