Dewan Meeting Minutes January 5th, 2014

Subud Great Seattle Dewan Meeting Minutes:  Sunday, January 5, 2014
Present:  Sherwin and Hadijah O’Bar, Marston Gregory, Elisha Gullixson, Jim O’Halloran, David Lynch, Hadiyah Carlyle

Review of Last Month’s Minutes
Minutes taken by Hadiyah Carlyle were accepted by the committee. Since we didn’t have the final printed copy Hadiyah read from her notes. The final copy  is reflected on the Subud Greater Seattle website: for November 24, 2013.

 Financial Report
 In 2013 total revenue was $35,635, expenses were $36,683 generating a net loss of $1,048.

The detail 2013 financial report is posted on the Seattle house living room bulletin board and you can also request a copy by emailing  

A 2014 budget is in development and will be presented for member review at the next SGS general meeting, scheduled for Sunday January 26 beginning at noon.

Marston is working on the pledges for 2014.

 Helper Report
In order to determine how the committee can best help support our helpers, we have set aside a time in the meeting for a helper report.

Jim reminded us that the committee/helper latihan is at the first of the month.

Jim and Hadijah said the Dec 29 day of forgiveness and healing was successful.  There is more need for forgiveness testing and unfinished business so we decided to have more this coming Sunday Jan 12. 

Hadijah is talking to the women helpers for occasional responsibilities which would ease the burden on Hadijah.

Spring Street Center
Paul and Marston and others will sit down and look at budget for targeting.  Marston is looking at websites to bring in revenue.

Tabled:  To talk about next meeting.  Setting aside funds for maintenance and repairs from Spring Street Center revenues.  Tabled again as we work on 2014 budget.

Upcoming events
Jan 12 –  follow-up testing from Day of Foregivness and Healing
Jan 26 –  Subud Greater Seattle annual meeting at Subud house in Seattle after latihan.  Potluck lunch.
January 18, SPLAB 20th Anniversary Party with music, poetry and announcement of the headliners for the 2nd Cascadia Poetry Festival, May 1-4, 2014, at Spring Street Center & Seattle U.