Are Your Talents Challenging You?

Rayma and I were looking for a place to bring our friends for some good local jazz and great food on Saturday Sept 2nd.  We remembered the great times we’ve had going to the Lake Chad Cafe and hearing the Jim O’Halloran Trio.  Lucky for us he was playing that night.

With Jim that night were Royce Shorter, Jr. on drums and Farko Dosumov on bass.  It was an fantastic evening with two sets that I would have dance to if there’d been a dance floor.  Our friends also had a great time and look forward to returning with us.

I hadn’t heard Royce or Farko with Jim before. So, during a break I asked him what it was like to play with this equally talented duo.  “It’s challenging – and I like the challenge!”, he said. The result was an extraordinary blend of the three instruments in a totally satisfying performance.

Are you as challenged by your talents as Jim is by his?  I’ve known Jim for many years but have always been impressed with how he balances his work life as a certified electrophysiology specialist at Swedish with his performance life as a jazz cellist and his work as a helper and now vice-chair for our group.  It’s an example to me of how to live your life to the fullest.

Future Appearances:
If you’re looking for some great music experiences, I recommend that you check out two of Jim’s upcoming events:

1) He’s supporting Felix Ngoussou – the equally challenged owner of Chad Cafe – at the opening of his Seattle Business Education Hub.  It’s a non-profit center that seeks to elevate immigrants and refugees, minorities and low-income families to financial success through education, counseling, mentoring and entrepreneurial training. He’ll be playing in the street with Royce and Farko.

2) He’s back at Cafe Chad with Steve Kim on bass, Ricardo Guity on percussion on Saturday September 16th.

Lake Chad 9-16-17 promo

More on Jim and his work at Swedish
We deal with the electrical conduction of the heart-ablations for arrhythmias, pacemakers, defibrillators and so on.  I work in a procedural area.
More on Royce
Royce grew up playing gospel in church-his dad was a minister.  He won the Guitar Center national drum competition several years ago.

More on Farko
Farko grew up in Tashkent Uzbekistan.  His twin brother is a heavy metal guitarist in Moscow Russia.

More on Jim’s recordings
You can find his recordings on CD Baby.