10.9.16 – Rehab Projects Completed in 2015-16 & Projects to Consider in 2017 for Spring St. Center

Marston Gregory, Facilities Manager                    10/9/2016

Small Fixes:  (under $1000 each)

-Fix and repaint ceiling in upstairs bathroom.  Ceiling has moisture problems.   completed

-Re-landscape the mediums to reduce grass and mowing needed.  Add Low water use landscaping or pavers.     ($500) review in 2017)

-Take out some overgrown plants and replace.   (Lucinda)  completed

-Paint the ramp in basement and add railing on other side.  Paint garage.  $200   (move to 2017)

-replace sink and vanity in basement bathroom off men’s latihan.  (rusted out)  $300  (move to 2017)

-Continue upgrading bedroom furniture:      completed

-Fix carpeting in Chapel which is coming loose at stage.     completed

-Put in new fan in main and upstairs bathroom.    completed

-Add storm door to deck.     completed

-Install Fans in Guest rooms:    completed

-Build overhangs for both back doors to reduce rain hitting the doors and reducing flooding in Basement.   $400   (move to 2017)

Replace carpet on stairs to upstairs bedrooms.   $600  (have bid from Vogel Carpets) (move to 2017)

Total:     $1,800

Medium Size Fixes:  (over $1000 each)

-Add a layer of insulation to attic to increase heating and cooling efficiency.  Attic has little or no    insulation.   $5000  (just main house)  $4000 (just Chapel) (move to 2017)

Refinish Wood Floors (living room, and guest rooms)    $2000  (move to 2017)

-Add crash bar to chapel doors.   $2500  completed

Total:   $5000 to $9000

Large Fixes:  (over $5000 each)

Reline our old sewer lines:   $20,000   (bids coming in for this)  NOT urgent. 


Big Expense coming is the outside of house will need a new paint job in 2 years.   It could cost as much as $30,000 to get done.   Paul T. can do spot painting before then, but we need to save for that.  The roof is in good shape but will need work probably in about 10 years.