What Does the Chair of a Subud Group Do?

The chair (with active collaboration including the rest of the committee) will do these things to help insure a smoothly functional group: 

  • Make sure there is a place for members to do the latihan.
  • Set agenda for board meetings and general meetings
  • Review minutes, financial reports, and support reports, prior to meetings
  • Track progress on pending issues, finances, work in support of the center
  • Help address issues that come up, such as maintenance and emergencies
  • Maintain and track a list of recurring events. Examples:
    • Licenses needed for the city
    • City, State and Federal tax filings
    • Building Maintenance:  pruning, weeding, cleaning gutters, batteries in smoke alarms, fire extinguisher annual check and certification

o   Regular review of maintenance/ life expectancy schedule for building and important components

Communicate with helpers, committee, members, wings and support personnel.

Attend regional meetings monthly via Zoom.

Keep everyone informed – members, board, helpers, regional committee, etc.

How much time does this entail?  A rough guess would be about 8 hours monthly.

What helps?

A fully populated dewan committed to working together, with division of duties.

Documentation provided by previous dewan.

Advice from former board members and helpers

Testing:  What are the needs of the group at this time?  How should I be to perform these duties at this time?, etc.

Jim O’Halloran