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November Financial Report

SGS Treasurer Summary Report: November

Income and expenses

Building Rentals

We had a no AirBnB or Hall Rentals in November. There may be some Income from iTrip for December which will not be received until January of 2021. Once I begin to see a steady flow of income from this new relationship, I will then be able to project possible income for 2021.


Donations were up in November over October. Because of the steady monthly support from mostly 13 members throughout this time of the pandemic, we have been financially healthy. At the end of the year, we could have a surplus that would enable us to make an end of the year group donation.  Please attend our January General meeting on Zoom for more details.

November Expenses

Our expenses have been kept to the minimum required to keep the building healthy and looking great for potential renters. We are able to continue to pay for cleaning, gas, electricity, water and garbage. 

Our main outflows in November, besides utilities were to prepare the building for the first iTrip customers. 

Future Expenses

Your committee continues to monitor and keep our costs as low as possible. Our December gas bill will be twice normal, due to the cold temperatures we’ve been having. iTrip has continued to help us keep costs low until we generate a steady income. I continue to monitor our costs to try to keep them as low as possible. 

Your Donations As Important As Ever

Your committee appreciates everyone’s financial support of our center during this time of great transition for all of us.  Your donations have been vital in covering our costs throughout 2020.  If you have not yet donated this year, please do so! Thank you!

Important! New name for donation checks to Subud Greater Seattle

Use only “Subud PNW – Seattle Center” on any future donations to our center.  Bank rules, recently changed, are delaying deposits.  Please be sure to change the “Pay To The Order Of” section of your handwritten or automatic withdrawn check from your account and use this name.

If you intend to make your donation to the Region, please earmark your check Subud PNW.

Pledges still being accepted

Please fill out a pledge form online if you haven’t already.

Thanks for those who have setup monthly donations

Thanks to all our monthly donators who have a recurring donation sent from their bank.  You save on envelopes and stamps.  And, you don’t have to remind yourselves to write a check. These regular checks really help us meet our monthly commitments to the region and pay for our use of our facilities. 

If you’d like to know how to setup a recurring donation to our group through your bank, please contact me.