Subud Greater Seattle Pledge Commitment for 2020

This year we’re asking all members to participate – in whatever way they can – by donating to our center.

To understand what to estimate in our proposed annual budget, we’re using a pledge system. Please click on the link provided below. This will take you to an online form.  There we ask you to please provide an estimate of the amount you think you could donate annually.  At the end of December, all pledges will be totaled and we can estimate the donor portion of our 2020 proposed budget.

Your committee is working with those who run our centerprise to grow our revenue there.  However, to sustain our contribution to regional expenses for helper travel and insurance, and its contribution to Subud USA we need your help.

This year, we are planning to monthly put away money any extra money we receive toward a building maintenance fund.  This fund will allow us to have reserves the next time that we have extraordinary expenses. If the members approve, at our next General Meeting 12/15, we would also like to save in a separate fund for members on fixed or limited income.  This so that they could attend kedjiwaan events and congresses.

With your help, Subud Greater Seattle will be able to establish and build these funds, sustain our future and provide for all members of our group to be able to participate.

Please fill out a pledge form online by 12/31/2019, or contact our treasurer for a paper pledge card.

Thank You,

Jim O’Halloran, Bhakti Watts, Ramon, Oswald Norton