Here are some things to know when a guest at Spring Street Center (owned by Subud Greater Seattle). Welcome to Spring Street Center, to help make your stay enjoyable in Seattle here are some possible tips. (Rate sheet.)

  1. BATHROOM USE:  Sometimes we have events in the building during someone’s stay, please keep the upstairs bathroom as clean as possible since you will be sharing it with guests in the building.  Toiletries  are best keep your room.  Please only use room assigned since other guest may appear that need other rooms for an overnight stay.
  2. CLEANING:   We do not have a daily maid service so please keep common areas as tidy and clean after use as possible.  Brooms and mops are kept in the main kitchen pantry.   We supply all linens and towels.   A vacuum is kept in the coat closet on the main floor if needed.
  3. LINENS:  Linens are normally picked up usually once a week.  If you stay for a long stay, you will need to notify staff when you would like your beds remade.  Linen is kept in marked drawers in both room 3 for the double bed and in the hall chest just beside the stairs.
  4. INTERNET:  Wifi is available for free in the building.  Please see notices in room for password.
  5. GARBAGE:  Please clean out the refrigerator in the kitchen and empty garbage when leaving and place into appropriate dumpsters in front of garage door.  Since we come in to clean once a week, garbage left can both smell and attract bugs.
  6. HEATING:  In winter, the thermostat is on the main floor for the house.  Heat can be regulated there.  We are not air conditioned but fans are available throughout the building.  Please close main floor windows for safety when leaving.
  7. SECURITY:  Please lock your room when not in use to secure valuables.   Please remember to place key back into door upon checkout.   The front door must be locked when leaving the building by pushing the center button and you hear the dead bolt engage.  Be sure not to leave the building open.  We DO NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR STOLEN ITEMS.
  8. PAYMENT:  Normally, we ask guest to pay in advance, but if you pay upon exit just put the US Funds check in the donation box on the first floor or in the mail box.
  9. SHOWERING:  We recommend that you use the main floor bathroom for showering,  since the top floor shower is only a hand held device.
  10. BEFORE YOU LEAVE:  Upon exit please strip the beds and leave the linens in the baskets on the top floor.   Leave the futon and blankets  folded on the end of the beds.
  11. EATING OUT OR BUYING FOOD:  There are many restaurants just north of our building including several markets on Madison including Central Co-op (Madison Market) and a Trader Joe’s just 2 blocks north.  The Skillet Restaurant is an excellent choice and just one block north at 14th and Union. Healeo at 15th & Madison is a juice bar with vegan options and matcha and puer tea.
  12. LEAVE KITCHEN CLEAN AND CLUTTER FREE:  Upon leaving please wash all dishes and dry and put where you found them.  The kitchen is fully stocked with silverware, cooking pots and pans and items need to prepare food.
  13. LAUNDRY:  There is a washer and dryer in the basement for guest use.   It is $1 for Wash and $1 for drying.  An iron and ironing board are in the laundry area.  There is a box for guest to put in payments for use.   Washing soap is supplied.
  15. PARKING WARNING:  Be careful to read signs regarding parking since during the day many areas are 2 hours only and have a high cost if you are ticketed.  Park on Spring Street from 14th to 16th is 24 hour parking.  Keep an eye out for a space opening up there and move to it if you are staying longer.  Parking directly in front of the building is a loading/unloading zone (5 minutes). Parking with a neighbor is available for $8 per day.
  16. For Subud Regional and National Helpers: Lodging for Subud business is available. We ask for 60 days notice. Please have a list of your lodgers ready when you book the room no less than 60 days in advance.

If you have questions call either Marston Gregory at 425-641-6725 or Paul Nelson at 206-422-5002.

In an emergency call 911.