Registration for our Fall Kedjiwaan Gathering at Menucha are going fast.

Day passes are sold out and half of the couples-oriented rooms are gone.

We are considering renting another building (not Creevey) on the property. If many of you want couples-oriented rooms onsite but removed from Wright Hall, you can help us by sending email to, with Subject: Couple’s Housing

The planning team listened to the feedback from last year’s attendees and made changes in response:

    1. There are cheaper alternatives
    2. All rooms are closer to Wright

To see pricing for this event, please use this link.
To immediately register for this event, please use this link.
Book now for the best accommodations.

Photo courtesy of Rachman Cantrell

Need financial aid, wait to register and see section below.

Help those that need financial aid to attend. Donations Please!
As in past years events, we are anticipating that there will be some needing assistance. In order to help these members, we’ve created an opportunity for you to contribute to this fund. When you register, please consider making a donation to the Assistance Fund so that those who need assistance can share this wonderful weekend with us.

If you prefer to donate to the Assistance Fund via check, please send your check to:

Morris McClellan
3127 NE 103rd Pl
Apt. B
Portland, OR 97220-2866

Needing Financial Aid?
If you’re needing financial aid, please wait to register. We encourage those who need financial assistance to fill out a request form here. All requests for financial must be completed by 9/24. Requests will be tested by the Regional Helpers and those requesting aid will be notified by 10/1.


  1. We are opening registration on August 8th to allow those wishing to attend 60 days to register. All registrations (including day passes) must be purchased by October 8th and be paid in full at the time of registration.
  2. All prices listed are per-person. No rooms are charged by room, although these are intended for couples. You may register up to 4 people at one time.

Cancellation Policy:  Registrations may be cancelled until October 15 with a full refund less a $50 administrative fee. After October 15, no refunds will be made unless your room/day pass is resold to another registrant, in which case a refund will be issued minus a $50 administrative fee. ($40 for day pass refunds)

Questions about the event can be made at