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April 8, 2012

1.  MOVING FORWARD WITH GRACE and Message from NHs
2. Applying for assistance
3.      Finding Roommates
4.      Sell your wares at the Congress Gift Shop
5. SOME SHOW BIZ, Just for fun!


1.MOVING FORWARD WITH GRACE-at the National Congress

.from our national helpers:

A Subud congress is always a significant spiritual event.  Even though Bapak is no longer with us we are still somehow, collectively, able to create and participate in a surge of harmony and spiritual energy.  The life force is never stronger in us.

Latihans at a congress are often intense and are an opportunity for a spiritual renewal and a recharging of our batteries.  This is a time to surrender and dive deeper into the core of your being and to be finally closer to the Great Life Force, the power of Almighty God.

So many people will be coming from all across the United States.  This year there will be many visitors coming down to join us from the Americas congress.  This is a time to meet old friends and feel at home in this spiritual community ti which we all belong.

This year is also a time of significant change in the organization.  We have the opportunity to get together and in surrendering find a new strength, to set our community on a new and stronger path which truly reflects the mission of Subud.  It is a time to let go of old complaints and look forward.

It is a time when new talent will step up and take over the Subud USA administration.  This is the time for YOU to stand up and be counted;  to witness the change;  to influence the change;   and to be the instigator of change.

Sit back, relax and test.  “How will I feel when I am doing Latihan at the national congress?”

Want to help?  Figure out how to bring a young Subud member with you!


2. Applying for Assistance to Attend the 2012 National Congress

We want to help you come to this years national congress, July 4-8! Members have been donating as they register, so we are accumulating a fund to help you. You can apply for partial financial assistance at any time and will be considered as long as funds last.

Members seeking financial assistance should complete the Request for Financial Assistance form at
Then send it to the national office at the address below. You can request assistance for registration ($100 for delegates, $105 for students and seniors, $115 for adults), for hotel room ($99 per day for 1-4 people), and/or for some meals ($13.42 for breakfast, $20.13 for lunch, $29.52 for dinner per day).

A team has been created consisting of the national registrar, a national committee representative, and two national helpers who will review all applications and apportion funds on a regular basis. Once your request for assistance has been approved, you will be contacted by the national registrar who will assist you in registering for the congress.

Members who receive assistance are expected to volunteer at the gathering, and should indicate their participation preference on the Request for Financial Assistance form. Some choices for volunteering are:
Registration desk assistant
Youth program assistance, in all age groups
Entertainment- performing or tech assistance (knowledge needed!)
Site manager assistant

Mail the Request for Assistance form to the national office:
Subud USA, 14019 NE 8th St #A, Bellevue, WA 98007
OR fax to 425-643-2725,
OR e-mail to


TO: Subud folks  wanting roommates at the National Congress at the Seattle Airport Marriott, July 3 8,2012
Congress  begins July 4 morning, and ends midday July 8
FIRST, read about the hotel rooms:

SECOND, if you want a roommate, tell us:
Your name
Male or Female
Phone Number
e-mail address
What nights you want roommates? DATES please
How many roommates? ?
Send this info to

THIRD – well put you on the list, which gets sent to others on the list.
You contact each other and match yourselves up.
Its up to you to choose and work it out! (remember to decide who is booking the room!)

It’s REALLY important that  you e-mail or call  back to me and tell me to take you off the list when you have settled who your roommate(s) is.
Melinda at the national office


4.Show BIZ!
Subud brother and comedian, actor Richard Reicheg, Subud member from Los Angeles, is one of the actors on Betty White’s new show, Off Their Rockers which begins tonight, Wednesday 4-4-12 at 8 pm on NBC. It’s a comedy program where older people play pranks on unsuspecting youngsters. It’s very funny.


Nice venue, great food, great players!
Come on by—-
Quartet Live at St. Clouds 1129 34th Seattle
Sat. April 14       8-10 PM
Jim O’Halloran, Flute With Bill Anschell, Piano
Dean Schmidt, Bass, and Jacques Willis, Drums


Much Much National congress information is available! Just go:

THREE ways to help SUBUD as you shop —-
  1) at 650 stores give a % of your purchase to Subud USA.
Join free, and choose Subud USA as your favorite charity!
2) go to our Subud Gift Shop at
3) Shopping e-bay- Subud USA is a listed charity

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