Our Contribution to Susila Dharma Made a Difference

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I received yesterday a letter from Rifka Several, on behalf of the directors of Susila Dharma, USA which I wanted to share with you.

February 1, 2021


Dear Seattle Center Sisters and Brothers,

Thank you so very much for your generous donation of $500.00 dated l/26/2l for Susila   Dharma USA to support projects here in the United States and around the world.

individuals, families and communities are suffering. They are sick, hungry, hurt, dislocated – in need of basic services, education and community development. The programs that Susila Dharma USA supports are diverse but they all have one thing in common: they recognize and honor the one human spirit.

There is no one profile of a project supported by Susila Dharma USA. Children are able to attend school, receive healthcare and experience creative growth. Through training and microcredit, women heads-of-households become self-sufficient. Those affected by war, famine, illness, disaster, disease, and domestic violence regain physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

ln yearly evaluations, Susila Dharma projects demonstrate that they are:
o Holistic and diverse
o Locally initiated
o Multi-cultural
o Committed to excellence and sustainability

We sincerely appreciate your support for our shared mission to promote social justice, equality and harmony


Rifka Several for the Susila Dharma USA Board of Directors.

Anyone can contribute to SDUSA.  Please click this link to find out More.

Love, Oswald