Launching the New Subud Archives Website

A letter from Daniela Moneta, WSA and Subud USA Archivist in Arizona

Subud California members, did you know that right next door in Phoenix, we have one of the five international archives designated by Bapak? This archive has documents, photographs, and personal accounts going back to 1958 when Bapak made his first trip to America. Here is an example from the collection:

Bapak at Disneyland May 1958.  Left to right: Ismana, Bapak, Ibu Rahayu, Luthfi James, an unknown woman.

The second photo (below) shows a view from the front of the same unknown woman in the photo above (left of Ibu Siti Sumari). Do you know her name? Or, do you recognize the other woman (right of Ibu Siti Sumari?). If you can identify either person, please contact The quest to add information such as this to the archives is part of our mission!

Another item in the archive is a film by Peter Mark Richman of Bapak’s second trip to Disneyland in August 1963, while on Bapak’s 3rd World Journey.

Our newly launched archives website makes Subud material visible and available online and gives members access to records about our Subud history. You can watch films and interviews, read stories and see beautiful photographs on your laptop or via hook up to your TV screen. Now you can readily show some of the Memories of Bapak interviews and other films and videos at your local Subud center.

For a preview of what is on the Subud Archives website, watch this brief video:

The website is available to Subud members only. If you would like to access it, send a request to  If you have any questions about the archives and how you can help, please let us know.