Imagine a future where members are willing to take on new roles

From Oswald,

At last Saturday’s dewan meeting, one of the helpers attending commented that they thought that we were doing such a great job that they couldn’t imagine anyone else doing the job as well as we did. And, they were afraid of what would happen if we didn’t continue as the committee.

That started me thinking – “Hey Wait A Darn Gone Minute. If you can only imagine a future where those who have done it before are the only ones that can continue to do the work, then you’re setting the committee up for burnout. And, you’re saying that if one, or all, of the committee members were to leave suddenly, there would be no other option than to stop having the work of the committee done by members.  What then? Would we just pack up and shut the place down?” Maybe.

I would like to challenge each of you: Don’t allow yourselves to think we committee members are the only ones capable of doing the committee work.  Imagine a future where you, along with others, willingly start doing these jobs. And as a result of this willingness, our group has more and more members capable of keeping our center running and growing.

How did we learn to work together?

The way that we “learned” to work together was by working together.  In the beginning we brought many different skills to the work of the committee. However, we hadn’t worked together as a team before then. We needed time to find the right way of listening, collaborating and supporting each other in our individual roles.

As we did, the work became easier. And we also began to understand, through this mutual respect and work, that the work of the committee was too complex and needed to be simplified. This we have done.

How would you learn the roles?

Each of us has committed to assisting the new members of the committee through training, documentation and mentoring – when asked. You won’t be left without an understanding of where we are in the work. You will be left to figure out how to move forward as your new committee grows in experience and confidence.

We will also stand in support of you as you begin to carry out the work. We will continue, as active members of the group, to help in the work of the group. Some of us as helpers. Some of us through our hands and talents.

The Challenge

Begin now to consider a future in which you are a part of the new committee of our group, a committee that is supported by the past committee, and, supported by the members.