Group News!

Please keep those donations coming+!

We have accepted an estimate for replacement and repair of the South wall of the Subud house.  It will be a big project, and the rental business will be down while it is in progress.
Currently we have been able to meet our commitments to the region, keep the house in order, and pay all our bills.  The income is split roughly 50/50 between donations and the house rental business.
Thank all of you for donations.  Any amount helps.  If you have not donated before. please consider stepping up and beginning now.
We have begun discussions regarding having the house available to Subud members one Sunday monthly.  If we do that, it will certainly put a dent in that portion of our income, and we’ll need to make it up by increasing donations; so, if you believe this is a worthy endeavor, now is the time to act on your feelings.
Thank you, the SGS committee
Jim O’Halloran