Exciting Times!

This is an exciting time for Subud Greater Seattle!  I just heard that Oswald Norton has tested and received to take on the treasurer’s job, which is wonderful news!  Whoever takes on the role of chairman will have a much easier time with Oswald in that position, but, of course, the final decision rests with the new committee.  The people in charge of the house and Airbnb rentals ( Paul and Debbie with many helpers and volunteers) are doing a great job and it looks like things are getting even better with new tenants and new opportunities for rentals for our property!  Adjustments are being made due to new taxes and other expenses related to those rentals but even so prospects are good!  All in all 2019 is looking to be a great year for our group with new projects and a great time to experience working for Subud!  Please take the time to consider if you would like to experience this life altering process in whatever capacity that feels right!  Our meeting for choosing the new committee will be Sunday, January 27th after the general latihan.  Please come and help in making this a successful event and find out who will be guided to fill these positions!