Dewan Meeting Minutes May 21, 2017


May 21, 2017

Attendees: Honora Hildreth, Jim O’Halloran, Hadijah and Sherwin O’Bar, Lorraine Tedrow, Hariana Chilstrom, Halstein Stralberg, Hadiyah Carlyle

The April 10 minutes were approved.

Financial: Sherwin reported the following. Revenue: $22, 372 (including member donations of $5,843 and Airbnb of $16,304). Expenses: $35,582 (rental expense of $13,838 and house improvements/occupancy costs of $16,606; $10,000 of this was for full payment for the sewer line rework. Our expenses for April were $13,210 over our revenue.

New Business:

  1. Communication. After a lively discussion about communication issues between committee members and between committee members and helpers, it was decided to establish a Google calendar. All of our local Subud events, as well as Airbnb and other rentals, will be posted to reduce, and hopefully eliminate, conflicts and omissions. Honora will be the administrator and Hadijah O. will coordinate calendar contributions from the helpers. Once a link to the Google calendar has been established, instructions will be emailed to all members so that everyone will be able to access and read the calendar. In addition, the same information will be added to the white board currently in the kitchen.
  2. The special potluck to honor our volunteers, previously scheduled for September, will initially be coordinated by Lorraine Tedrow. Hadiyah is making a list of important elements, specifying those she can manage and those that other members would need to take on. More on this as it evolves.
  3. Committee and helper events: the Dewan latihan with testing for committee and helpers, which had been scheduled for May 28, has been changed to June 4; Latihan will be at 10:00 am and testing in the afternoon. A second Dewan meeting on June 25 will include the Spring Street crew: Marston, Paul and Debbie.

Respectfully submitted by Hadiyah Carlyle, Secretary