Dewan Meeting Minutes Feb 8, 2015

Attending: Ramon (Chair), Marston Gregory (Facilities Manager) and Hadidjah Gregory (East Side Liaison), Hadijah O’Bar (Women’s Helper Representative) and Sherwin O’Bar (Treasurer), Abadeen Gunatilaka (Vice-Chair), Halstein Stralberg (Men’s Helper Representative), Paul Nelson (Rental Agent).

Sherwin on Finance. January shows a shortfall, but that is because some December bills due in January. Jan inflows were $4,611 and donations were less than budgeted from membership. There was a long discussion about what should be considered an occupancy cost and what maintenance and there was some talk about having two budgets, one for the Spring Street Center and one for Subud Greater Seattle, but no decision was reached on that matter. January’s rental revenues were considerably above those from January 2014. Also discussed during the Financial report was the question as to whether we should use regional funds now to pay the debt SGS has on the Subud USA housing fund and then pay more to region?

Marston delivered a Facilities report, providing a page on which he had proposals for many small fixes to the house and budgeted at $3,000 total. Those include painting, landscaping,a  fix of carpeting in the chapel and fans in guest rooms, among other things. Medium-sized fixes including insulation and new carpets were budgeted for $7,000 and a grant for ecological updates right be possible from the Subuh Foundation. Large fixes including the Handicap ramp and general handicap accessibility are almost totally covered by the current $10,000 grant from the Subuh Foundation, but $13,000 of other handicap-access needs is not funded and will need to be raised. Marston says the house will need a exterior paint job within two years and a new roof within ten. It was asked if we can we share ramp plans with members and that was believed possible, according to Sherwin.

Evan Padilla may be our next member at large. Hadidjah is liaison to east side.

Paul reported January rental revenues in 2015 were $3,880, up considerably from January 2014’s $980, but February 2015 is likely to be down from 2014. A long discussion ensued about charging Subud groups for lodging, as the Subud USA Dewan meeting was not charged, nor recent Helper lodging for the Helper Development weekend, nor the Susila Dharma Board for their retreat Feb 12-15. Many thought it was good outreach for Seattle and in the off-season, does not cancel out much business at this time. It was decided that we’d ask Susila Dharma and future Subud groups to contribute something for lodging, at least the cost of linen and housekeeping. An African Drum and Dance group is renting the Chapel on Tuesday nights and Subud Members are invited.

Hadijah O gave the women’s helper report. How should Dewan be connected with helpers? Helper Development day was very successful. Continued development is a goal on Saturdays with social time, fellowship. The women’s helper Dewan does not know each other well and would like to deepen that connection. Testing with the committee is a goal. Is a Wednesday night helper committee a good idea? 1st and Third Wednesday’s will now be Dewan Latihan at 745pm for those who can make it.

Other items discussed included the Susila Dharma potluck for Sunday, February 15. Can members bring dishes and be good hosts to the Susila Dharma Board?

Townhouses will likely be going up next door to the Subud House (to the west) at 1414 Spring Street. A developer is likely to buy the current building, tear it down and build two new townhouses for about $850,000 each. No time table on that development is yet known.

We postposed the Open House, but need to reschedule and promote it properly.