Dewan Meeting Minutes Dec 5, 2015

Subud Dewan Meeting Minutes Dec 6, 2015

Submitted by Paul Nelson and Hadiyah Carlyle

Attending: Ramon, Chair; Abideen Gunitilaka (Vice-Chair); Sherwin O’Bar (Treasurer); Hadijah O’Bar (Women’s Helper); Hadiyah Carlyle (Secretary); Marston Gregory (Facilities Manager); Paul Nelson (Rental Agent).

Minutes from November 8, 2015, approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:

Sherwin O’Bar reported: Revenue (member donations plus rentals) is  $73,834 through November, resulting in a net income of $6,142.00.  Air bnb rentals are going down for the winter season. Member donations through November are $14,081 and it is very unlikely we will reach the 2015 member donation budget of $20,000.

The gas charge for November says gas in November went up to $300. Marston says the Chapel heat has been left on constantly, so maybe the thermostat needs to be re-programmed.

The increase in the Subud Housing Loan payments took place last month from $100 to $200. A payment to the region of $1,200 was made a year ago and a motion was made to pay the region again $1200. We have been paying less per member than others in the region. Ramon seconded and it passed unanimously. Marston points out that we are able to do this due to the success of the enterprise and the enterprise is possible, Sherwin says, due to the actions of the membership.

A budget for 2016 will be presented at the January Dewan Meeting on January 3, 2016 at 9am. Hadiyah Carlyle congratulated Sherwin on a year of financial reports well done.


Marston Reported: The ramp was finished this year and is beautiful. That was the big success for 2015. The sewer line cleanup was $1,000 and the first bid to get it lined would be $13,000, but a whole new line would cost $30,000 to $40,000. The fix of $13,000 is projected to last 40 to 50 years. Small fixes include a cleaning of small area rugs, a basement countertop, and replacing the sink, which would be $1,000, new landscaping in the front, painting the basement ramp, replacing the sink and vanity in the men’s restroom in the downstairs hallway, overhangs for the back basement doors in the back to prevent water seepage in the basement (which Paul Truitt could do); replacing the stairway carpeting would be $3,600. Last year’s budget for repairs was $5,000 and Marston suggests that be continued in 2016. Insulating the attic would reduce our heat bills by 30%, replacing wood flooring in upstairs bedrooms is a priority given the Airbnb business and refinishing the floor of the living room would make the floor and room look so much better; the crash bar in the chapel needs to be repaired; also in the women’s chapel the floor needs to be repaired. Paul suggests having a front door that locks when it closes would be a priority to aid security. Marston put a ten year, high-end battery in the door currently. Marston says the replacement would be $300 to $400. Hadijah suggests the attic insulation project should be high priority. Marston will get three bids for the job. Jim suggests we check with the city which has an evaluation and rebate program for which we may qualify. Marston says it was a good year and we got a lot of things done. Sherwin asked if we can create an office for SGS and SPNW documents in the room next to the women’s chapel. General security issues were discussed along with the policy for making the front door code available to members. Paul cited a past lapsed member who was lodging at the house without authorization as the reason the more strict code policy was instituted.

Spring Street Center report:

Paul noted that October revenues were 12% over October last year and November 2015 saw a 27% increase. We are 130% over 2014 so far and will be nearly $15,000 over projections if December lodging reservations hold.

Ramon suggested outreach to get more off season lodging. He requested the AirBnB login credentials and to explore the AirBnB pricing algorithms to set prices. Marston suggests a 10% increase in the summertime and that Paul explore other ways to set up a separate personal profile. Marston suggests we look into the tax liability for the lodging.

Helper Report, Men (Jim): Halstein sent this email:

From: Halstein Stralberg

Hi Jim and Paul,

Attached is the 2015 census material which Sebastian is nudging us to do something about as soon as possible.  Of the men helpers, Rachman and Hanafi already have the material.  I hope you can also help and maybe contact some people.

In the spreadsheet, the men appear below the women.  There is a separate list of inactive members, which we are being asked to reconsider if maybe we should check up on some of them.  Most of the inactives I don’t know, but I see there are some younger Chaffees, Padillas, etc.

I hope we can find some time to discuss the material.  I will bring a printed list of the men tomorrow (Sunday).

Hope you both are well. 


Hadijah O’Bar on the Women’s Helper report, there is a Woman Helper of the Month who handles queries, timing and other issues. The current helper of the month is Anne Padilla. Hadijah will make a sign for the women’s helper practice.

Holiday Party: December 20 after latihan. Hadijah is coordinating food. Ramon’s daughters will be asked to decorate. Pilar Walsh will be singing and selling jewelry.  Our talented musical members will play and Paul will bring a poem or two.

Younger Subud Members may be creating events at the house.

Hadiyah Carlyle suggests we find another Member at Large.

Next dewan meeting:  Sunday Jan 3, 2016