Dewan Meeting Minutes April 6, 2014

Subud Greater Seattle Dewan Meeting

Minutes:  Sunday, April 6, 2014

Present:  Sherwin and Hadijah O’Bar, Marston Gregory, Paul Nelson, Elisha Gullixson, Jim O’Halloran, Hadiyah Carlyle

Last Month’s Minutes
Accepted unanimously by the committee.
Financial Report

SGS financial results thru the first quarter of 2014 (January thru March 2014) are overall favorable. However, the favorability is primarily driven by greater than anticipated hall and guest rental income ($5,308 thru March 2014, on a full year budget target of $20,000) which may not be sustained through the remaining months of the year (April thru December). Conversely, member donations through the first quarter are trending less than anticipated ($4,020 thru March on a full year budget target of $18,500.)

Increased member donations, as well as increased member participation in Subud Greater Seattle (SGS) activities, are key to sustaining and growing Subud’s beneficial influence through local communities and the world in general.

So please participate through SGS in any way you can.

Helper Report

Mens’ helper group is doing well. We have an applicant who has met with the Eastside helpers a few times, and will meet with Seattle helpers this Wednesday. Sunday Latihans are well-attended, as are Friday; Saturday and Thursday are sparse-Saturday more so thanThursday. The Men on the Eastside have been meeting with new candidate who is expected to be opened this month.

Women’s Report: Lucy Brown is now back to active helper status. The only day women are attending latihan in Seattle is Sunday.Wednesday nights have some attendees and Friday night also on the Eastside, though not many. How do we get better latihan attendance? The Regional Helpers have been supportive.

Spring Street Center

Paul reported that the gross income for March was over $2,300 and we’re getting a huge response from Airbnb in terms of lodgers. This is a great way to create awareness of Subud in the general community. This will also require that we act more quickly on maintenance issues, including a new toilet for the upstairs bathroom.

We’ll need volunteers for the Cascadia Poetry Festival to staff a table to give information on Subud and Spring Street Center. This is GREAT P.R. for Subud and the rental business and Oswald is coordinating volunteers. Gold Passes, good for any event during the fest (May 1-4) will be given to volunteers to attend events and they ARE transferable. The house will be full of lodgers that weekend andThursday latihan will be canceled. (Paul also suggests we cancel latihan Saturday, May 3 as well.)

Paul will enlist Hadiyah Carlyle and a friend of his who lives nearby, Rachel Hug, to handle rental business during the World Congress as he and Marston will both be in Puebla.

(See above.)
Upcoming Events
Next General Meeting has been moved to May 18th.
Next Dewan meeting is June 1.