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Dear Subud Members,

At the Committee meeting today crack Treasurer Sherwin Obar noted that the finances indicate that Subud Greater Seattle will be down about $4,500 over the year 2013 from what we had at the end of 2012.

A great deal has happened already in 2013.

A good amount of repairs have happened in the house, including repairing aging plaster on the chapel ceiling, installing pigeon-prevention measures to the front of the house and various other repairs.

We have added more cultural events at the center, free to Subud members, as a way of establishing a SICA connection in our center and exposing members of the community, potential Subud members and guests to get a taste of the latihan and down home Subud hospitality.

We have continued the rental side of Spring Street Center, will be about the same levels of rental revenue as 2012 and are getting more awareness of our house as a rental center for sacred and cultural events.

We are in the midst of planning and implementing alterations to the house to make it Handicapped-accessible.

We have also upped payments to Subud USA and Subud Pacific Northwest to help pay off previous loans more quickly.

We are down, by Sherwin’s projections, about $4.5k  from last year, about 20%.

It has been a while since we had a concerted effort to encourage members to contribute, and the economy is starting to pick up, so we are having a fundraiser and Sherwin will keep you posted on progress, Our goal is $4,500 in new contributions by year’s end. Please consider giving a tax-deductible donation so that Subud Greater Seattle can continue to grow and provide such a beautiful space for people to practice their latihan and have fellowship with other members, in Seattle and elsewhere. Our house is a jewel and we must work to make sure it remains available to future generations.

Thank you,

Your Committee



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