Testing on Sunday Jan 12

Jim O'Halloran

Jim O’Halloran

From local helper Jim O’Halloran:

We will have some testing after general Latihan next Sunday around forgiveness, starting with the verbiage from last week: “Almighty God we pray that you will grant us what we each need to be able to forgive one another and ourselves and to heal old hurts.  That we may each of us find a way to create goodwill and harmony within our group.”

I would like to test What would Almighty God have me know about myself to be more effective at forgiving myself and others;
How would Almighty God have me go about forgiving myself and others?
What stands in my way of forgiving?  (maybe if appropriate do a Latihan to change what is received)

Does anyone else have questions they would like to test?  Halimah, I think you have some-could you reply?

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