Testing for Month of Ancestors

We caught up with Local Helper of Subud Greater Seattle (& LONGTIME Subud member) Sebastian Tedrow, who discussed the testing he will make available on Tuesday, April 7, 2020:

Paul E Nelson:  So it turns out the month of ancestors starts on March 24th, which is a Tuesday, meaning April 7th is the full moon and there is an opportunity for Subud members to do ancestor testing on that day, April 7th, Tuesday at 11:00. (Testing will start after Latihan.)

Sebastian Tedrow: Historically, with the full moon in the middle of the month of the ancestors is considered like the night of the ancestors. And when it fell during Menucha times, we had some pretty powerful sessions of ancestor testing. And occasionally, we’ve done it in the past, but I realized that since it falls on a Latihan day, a Tuesday, I’m willing to do ancestor testing with anyone who wants to do testing about their ancestors and how it is affecting their lives and whether their Latihan has progressed or moved to the point that it’s possible that their ancestors are ready to move on, are ready to experience a conscious effort to engage in the Latihan at this time.

The month of the ancestors is a time in which historically in the Islamic community and in our Subud community, that the ancestors are more available or more aware, or more in touch with us in the world at this time. And so, it is an opportunity to fulfill part of our obligation as Subud members to help lift and show respect to those ancestors who brought us to this Latihan and brought us to this place in our lives. And so, it is something that we can do if you’re willing and you wish to do.

Paul E Nelson: You said this is not for the weak of heart?

Sebastian Tedrow: I have said that and the ancestor testing doesn’t have to be really rigorous. It can just simply be a dedicated Latihan. Historically, some people have wanted to go much deeper. That is the portion that I think is probably not for the weak of heart or the faint of heart, I should say. But simply doing a Latihan for your ancestors or a Latihan to honor and be aware of the presence of the ancestors in your life and what brought you here is something that should be available to all who wish to participate, and that should not be anything that would be…

Paul E Nelson: Difficult.

Sebastian Tedrow: Challenging or difficult. Yeah.

Paul E Nelson: Thanks, Sebastian.

Sebastian: Any time.

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