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New System

The Subud House

The Subud House

Dear Brothers and Sisters, as approved at the March 24 committee meeting, we have a new system of communication. The Subud Greater Seattle website is now linked to a program which will automatically send members of Subud Greater Seattle (and anyone else interested) a weekly digest of posts. This, of course, will require weekly posts and there are seven (count ’em) 7 administrators who can do just that. It is my hope the other six will post occasionally, with news and other information relevant to Subud Greater Seattle. An opt-out link will be in every email that goes out, so look for it at the bottom of those emails should you want to stop being informed about matters pertinent to SGS members. Expect your weekly email at 6AM Wednesday mornings.

If there are corrections that need to be made to the site, please contact me, Paul Nelson, at Splabman (at) gmail (dot) com

May the higher forces be with you. (Or you with them.)