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Dear Brothers and Sisters attending latihan at our SGA eastside location,


Apologies if you came to our facilities on Tuesdays recently and found no one there.  This has to have been discouraging.

Come on Tuesdays through the end of October

Lack of a handoff plan for the key to our facilities has led to no one opening the building on Tuesday nights. We talked about how to remedy this after our Friday latihan.  We reached a plan for hand-off (Harlan and Marston agreed to back each other up) but members also asked if we could find a day when the church would let us have the building 4 nights a week on Wednesdays. 

Come On Wednesdays (or Friday) starting November 1.

I have contacted the church and we can have the building every Wednesday of the month if we change to Wednesday s.  We will start the first week in November. For the rest of the month we’ll be open on Tuesday nights.

We Host the SGS General Meeting Next Friday 10/26

Next Friday, after latihan, we will host the monthly General Meeting for SGS.  Please bring something to share, cookies, fruit, coffee, juice.  Let’s have a good turnout.

With Love, Oswald

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