Should We Discontinue Monday Latihans

Women's Latihan Hall/Chapel on Monday Nights

Women’s Latihan Hall/Chapel on Monday Nights

It has been discussed on and off for months now in the Dewan. An average of two men attend Monday night latihans and often there are none. This is a cost to Subud Members because of the heating used and also limits attendance for other latihans. So the question went out last week, should we discontinue Monday night latihans and perhaps add a Tuesday afternoon session. Results from Men’s Local Helper Jim O’Halloran:

How would it be for the SGS group if there were no more Monday night Latihan?
3 got nothing, one got a faint positive.

How would it be if we had a Tuesday Afternoon Latihan about 3PM?
2 got nothing, one got “worth a try”, one got OK.

And from Hadijah Obar:

I should have said that we talked and agreed that phone calls would be made to poll the members about the proposed Tuesday afternoon latihan. Recently several of the women members have talked about the need for an afternoon latihan because there are so many ladies who
no longer like to travel at night, there are specific people I’d like to run the idea of the Tuesday afternoon latihan by.  Also, several inactive women helpers said they would be willing to time an afternoon latihan.

Members, if you have a feeling about this, please chime in to a helper with a comment. No feedback from the membership and I will support the effort to cancel Monday night latihans for the men. For the women it’s not an issue, since there have not been women helpers on Monday night for years and no women ever show up.


Our Love Month continues this Sunday (Feb 23)

Here are some possible test questions for next week that we ladies came up with:
What is love?
What are the qualities of Love?
Where do these qualities reside in me?
How do I manifest love in my daily life?
How do I love myself?
How would God have me love myself?
How do I respect myself?
How would God have me respect myself?
How do I care for myself?
How would God have me care for  myself?
How do I love my Subud brothers and sisters?
How would God have me respect my brothers and sisters?
How is it for me and my life when I have loving and/or affectionate feelings
toward my Subud brothers and sisters?
O.K., there’s a place to start.

Hadijah Obar

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