Poems for Peace (From Latifah)

Woo hoo!

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Poems for Peace ® is now the registered service mark of the Subud International Cultural Association (SICA) “for arranging, organizing, conducting and hosting social entertainment events.”

Registered July 30, 2013.
We applied for this months ago.  Am thrilled.  Of course, other non-Subud folks can use the name as well — “with the kind permission of the Subud International Cultural Association.”
I feel something like I did when I got the name Latifah.  It came in the mail for me.  And when I read the letter that said my name was Latifah, I pressed to my heart and felt that I now had something of my very own.  My name.
It feels a bit special that now SICA — SICA all over —  has something of its very own.
With love  and wishes for a blessed last days of the fast,

Latifah Taormina

Subud International Cultural Association
9509 Ketona Cove, Austin, TX 78759, USA
skype:  ltaormina
What if an organization is not to be managed but played like a musical instrument? — Andrew Taylor                             
It’s been said that culture is an action of one’s inner nature — one’s soul. Then SICA is for activities that grow out of the development of one’s soul

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