News from Vancouver, BC

(Paul Edwards is chair of Vancouver)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Capri Hall Vancouver

Capri Hall Vancouver

It is my happy assignment to give you some very big news. Thanks to all your hard work and commitment for the last long 34 years, our last Mortgage payment on our Fraser Hall was made on August 15th. Of course we still have all of our other commitments that need our support, but this is wonderful news indeed!!!  The current Board of Directors have decided to host a celebration party for this very important event. I will update you on the details as they develop, but we wanted to let you know!

On other happy news, five (yes, I said 5) new members have all been opened recently.  They are:

Blair Goodwill, Mustafa Subroto, Adena Von Hahn, Casey Von Hahn, Davida Paul. All of these new members are under 40! We welcome you all with open arms!

And one more tid bit….  we will have a second World Congress sharing at the Sunday Social on September 14th…. please mark your calendars! Anyone from Bellingham or further south is welcome to join us. Latihan quiet time starts at 10:00 am; the social part usually gets going after 11:00 am.



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