Latihan Times, Helpers

Latihan Times effective Monday, September 17, 2012

Men and Women

Monday:     7:45 quiet for 8:00 pm latihan

Thursday:     7:45 quiet for 8:00 pm latihan

Friday:     7:45 quiet for 8:00 pm latihan- East Side (effective October 5, 2012)

Saturday:    10:15 quiet for 10:30 am latihan

Sunday:      11:00 quiet for 11:15 am latihan

Current Active Helpers:                Regional Helpers:
Hadijah O’Bar                                 Halimah Bellows
Lucinda O’Halloran                       Insiah Caspers
Lucy Brown – Candidate Helper

Jim O’Halloran                               David Lynch
Abideen Gunatilaka
Paul Nelson
Ray Brown – Candidate Helper

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About Paul

A Subud member since 2004, a local helper and the Rental Agent for Subud Greater Seattle from 2011, to 2020 Paul is a poet with 5 published books on poetry and poetics and is father to two beautiful girls.