Last Chance for Canada Subud Retreat

To: Western Canada Group Chairs – please forward this note to your members

Western Regional Members
PNW Members
Hi Brothers and Sisters.
The 3-day family gathering from May 22 to 25 in the beautiful Crescent Beach area of British Columbia is coming up just “around the corner” later next month.
We wanted to let those who haven’t yet registered know that the Organizing Team has decided to an extension of the reduced “Early Bird” registration deadline to Sunday April 19.
Thank you to those who have already registered for this gathering. The response so far has been good (41 and growing by the day!) but it will really help the Organizing Team for those who are still planning on attending to please send in your registration as soon as possible. A registration form is attached. Please fill it in and email or snail mail it to me.
For your interest, the following members are already registered:
Joan Fromme
Helena Hitchcock
Dave Hitchcock
Rosanna Hille
Lucas Hille
Mike Pichichero
Nelda Adamus
Howard Pattinson
Latif Crowder
Miranda Ranger
Pauline Sutherland
Roosmiwati Reynolds
Kumari Beck
Simon Beck
Erv Atchison
Camille Roberts
George Demers
Michael Irwin
Renata Dunn
Honora Cooper
Rashi Oren
Heidi Butterfield
Reuben Butterfield
Olivia Butterfield (5)
Noah Butterfield (2)
Ludmilla Lyle &
Malika Lyle (3)
Elfrida Schragen
Hamilton Schragen
Michelle Butterfield
Brian Butterfield
Aisjah Cassidy
Deanna Bird
Paul Edwards
Deanna Kasta
Medwin Lehman
Shannon Mullen
Petrice Brett &
Sophia-Ray Brett (9)
Rasjad Coleman
Maemunah Coleman
And we know that more are on their way!
Also attached is a draft/proposed schedule for the gathering. This is still being “fine-tuned” by the Organizing Team, so there will be further changes before the gathering.
This is going to be a fun one guys, with Socializing, Latihan, Testing, Workshops and more! Not to mention good food, warm weather and did I mention beautiful Crescent Beach?
So Subud members, start your engines!
Dave Hitchcock
Regional Chair
on behalf of the Organizing Team
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