Ken Chafee Surgery

Mariana Chafee reports on Facebook:

ken-and-mariana-chafeeSo, tomorrow (Nov 8, 2016) Kenneth will have surgery on his right lung: “minimally invasive, camera assisted, surgery.” There is a very small possibility that they may have to open him up and remove the affected lobe, depending on what they find when they first go in. We are, of course, hoping that this will not be necessary, and he will be in the hospital for some days in either case. This is a worrying situation, and your kind thoughts for him will be much appreciated. Thank you, I’ll post again when we know more.

9:18pm Tuesday update:

It has been a long day, and stressful, but Kenneth is resting in the hospital. They did have to remove the top lobe of the right lung, because there was an 8mm area of invasiveness, and 5mm is the line they draw. So the lobe has been removed, with some lymph nodes, and depending on what the pathologist finds in those nodes, he will or will not need chemo. We are told that the chances of that happening is (according to the literature) 3 to 5%. So the outlook, and the prognosis, is pretty good. Kenneth has a lot of pain (the doctor warned him about this, so at least he wasn’t blind-sided), and now it is a matter of keeping him comfortable and doing whatever we can to help him heal. Thank you all, again, for your kind thoughts.

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