Halimah Bellows Book

Subud Sister Halimah Bellows has a new book!

For more than 20 years, Halimah has been helping her clients champion their careers and find their ideal jobs. She has a special gift for gently but relentlessly sifting through the mist and fog of clients’ experiences and impressions and bringing the clarity in their insights to light. She is a seasoned workshop presenter and group facilitator and has led many seminars and retreats for a variety of educational institutions, religious groups, non-profit organizations and corporations. www.careerquestcards.com.

Halimah Bellows Book

E book available for Kindle, I books, Barnes & Noble & Kobe.
Champion your Career – Winning in the World of Work – a self coaching guide of self assessment tools and career advice to guide you on the path to finding fulfilling work.With empathy & enthusiasm the book encourages readers to delve deeply and honestly into their experiences to determine an appropriate career path. The wide range of self assessment tools enable individuals to explore their personal passions and values and recognize the strengths and skills they can bring to the work place.The book also offers sound strategies for decision making, goal setting and networking in order to move forward on their chosen career. Special advice is provided for college students, retirees and those changing careers in mid life. The book also offers time tested and up to ten minute suggestions for identifying and researching potential employers and job seeking skills advice including internet based tools.

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