Donating (From Subud USA)

September 24, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Before long, Subud USA will be sending out the annual pledge drive letter. This year, the Subud USA national committee and board of directors, which includes the chairs of all the regions, have reviewed the ways that the various organizations within Subud USA go about the process of fundraising. We are aware that multiple campaigns may create among the membership a certain sense of “appeal fatigue”.

The traditional model is for members to donate to their local center, which pledges to the region, which pledges to Subud USA, which pledges to the World Subud Association. Since about 20 years ago, however, Subud USA has been chronically underfunded, and this is still the case. Out of desperation, Subud USA began to appeal directly to members for donations. Regions, while recognizing the necessity, were understandably not thrilled by this break with tradition.

As the national committee, we want to be clear: if you can make only one contribution, please support your local center first. National financial health starts with local centers. If members supported their local centers more thoroughly and consistently, the regions and Subud USA would receive more money, and perhaps we could eventually retire the separate national fund drive.

In an effort to reinvigorate this traditional system, the national committee will be undertaking two specific efforts. The first is to create a small, simple fact sheet to be made available for inclusion in new member packets that introduces how giving works in Subud; we will also make it available at the local level. The second is to provide information for creating and maintaining sensible pledge systems to strengthen giving at the local level.

In the fall, solicitations will be coming from a number of Subud organizations, for example Subud USA and Susila Dharma, which need assistance to carry out their work. Rather than succumb to “appeal fatigue,” we hope that after giving to your local center (or, if you are a regional member, to your region) you will support what you feel most connected with beyond that. Each of these appeals comes from a worthy entity trying its best to serve the membership. Give what you can afford along with your energy and love.


The Subud USA Committee