Committee Meeting March 10, 9A

What a great Membership Meeting we had yesterday, Sunday, February 26. The House Prayer was approved, (with kudos to author Ray Brown) along with the House Guidelines and both are linked above for your perusal if you have not seen them. Many tearful moments were shared and some members, Sarah Stralberg among them, said that the meeting felt like a cultural shift at Subud Greater Seattle. Decide for yourself and attend a latihan this week or bring an old Subud friend who has not been around for a while and see if others are picking up on the new energy.

One note, the International Helpers will be visiting Seattle on May 17-19, 2012. Chair Evan Padilla suggested a sort of Kedjiwaan Day on Saturday May 19th and Helper Oswald Norton suggested members be active in helping create an agenda to take advantage of this opportunity for deep testing on individual issues. Evan also said it was energy from the wake of the last visit by International Helpers that resulted in the renovation of the Seattle Subud House, so there could be some very good things on the horizon.

A reminder: Dear Subud Committee,

Our next committee meeting is Sat March 10 at 9:00 AM.


One last note. Marston Gregory suggested we read aloud the House Prayer before each membership meeting. Paul Nelson agreed and suggested we could refer to it as a, er, uh…


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