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Jan 26, 2020 Dewan Minutes

Dewan Meeting 01.26.2020

Meeting called to order at 12:08 PM after Dewan Latihan

Jim O’Halloran         Chair
Bhakti Watts            Vice Chair
Oswald Norton       Treasurer
Ramon Hildreth      Secretary
Elisha Gullixson      Helper
Paul Nelson             Rental Agent
Debbie Machado-Santos               House Manager
Marston Gregory                            Facilities Manager
Hadijah Gregory                             Member

Moment of Quiet…
Review of Agenda and agreement.

Review of minutes. Bhakti moved we approve minutes as amended, Oswald seconded. All were in favor.

Old Business:
We agreed last meeting on putting aside 100/month for assisting SGS members to attend Subud Events.

Alternative Latihan space – the committee has decided to table this topic.
MSF Invitation: MSG will be holding their meeting in Chile

Maintenance: <summarize this from agenda>. Basically, maintenance policy is built into the
2020 budget. Non-essential items should be categorized as Routine Maintenance.

Floors need to be refinished due to wear and increased traffic. Jim will bring this up at the next regional conference call – requesting a match for this project. We are tentatively scheduling this for mid-November or December. Marston will check with the contractor on the scheduling.

Helper Reports:
Women: No applicants at this time. Just two Women’s helpers available to cover Sunday Latihan. Danella might be able to help cover latihan.

Men: Two candidates at this time. One candidate is about to complete their probationary period. One other new candidate just started the process.

Next Helper meeting 3rd Sunday in February. Kejiawaan being planned for March 13th.

Treasurers Report: (available in Dropbox)

Group has approved the budget for 400/month, not 25%, amend the motion from the previous motion made 12/07/2019

We are looking to the region for advice on how to file taxes and maintaining our non-profit. Jim will bring this to the region.

Jim presented 2020 Contracts for SSC Staff.

Annual General Meeting:
Possible Agenda
What did we do in 2019

Friday January 31st.

SPNW Regional Congress – tentatively scheduled in Portland.

Security Incident & Responsibility: Standard Procedure is to call 911 for any issues and to recommend that the guests also call 911 immediately instead of trying to reach us through the
App, emails or phone calls.

Recommend the lock reminder sign be simplified for greater compliance. Recommend a ‘smile you on camera sign’

Next General meeting February 23rd.
Dewan meeting: Ramon will send out emails to explore dates

Oswald moved we adjourn, Ramon seconded, all in favor.

Meeting closed at 13:33 PM.