Subud PNW Minutes 2.11.15

Subud PNW Board Meeting Minutes

Feb. 11, 2015

Attending: Alexandra, Oswald, Sherwin, Pete, Michael D, Ramon, Bhakti, Elisha, Elizabeth, Robina

Alexandra called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m., and welcomed Ramon (Seattle chair) and Robina (SD-USA rep).

Attendees briefly conducted a check-in to tell the group how they were doing.

Approval of the January meeting minutes:

Motion by Michael, seconded by Ramon, approved by acclaim

Chair reports:

Alexandra — Noted there are now fully functioning committees in three centers and reminded center chair

s to have their treasurers supply budgets and quarterly reports to PNW.

Bhakti – Portland has adopted a budget following the hard work of the committee; the group is in good position financially; expressed confidence moving forward, noting it is exciting and gratifying to get this project done.

Michael – B-SV center meeting will be the first weekend in March, and will supply a report to PNW; the annual birdwalk/fundraiser is coming up, 17 signed up so far and good weather is expected, along with success; house issues are  windowsill damage and plumbing problem in bathroom; the vandalism has not repeated.

Ramon – The first Seattle committee meeting was last weekend; will have Wednesday latihans for the committee every other week, 7:45 pm; will have Sherwin submit the budget reports (adopted last Sunday of Jan.); sent MSF a report on it grant.

Helper reports:

Elizabeth – Conducted a development day in Seattle, it was successful as the group sorted through some issues at the local level, ending with synchronicity, hopefulness and positive energy; helper training coming up in Sacramento in March; looking forward to PNW dewan meeting at the end of March.

Elisha – The Seattle weekend was a success overall, interpersonal issues were in play and difficulties were worked out for the best going forward.

Alexandra — Expressed kudos to helpers for their work in Seattle and reminded all of end-of-March PNW meeting.

SDUSA report:

Robina – Seattle is hosting a national meeting this weekend. Seattle and Portland were asked to provide two weekends a year for regional SD meetings.

Housing Committee:

Oswald – Read through the PNW bylaws and housing policy manual (well done) to obtain an understanding of the intent of the framers.  Conclusions:

– PNW will benefit from developing common themes, policies for all properties

– A team should be assembled over the couple months (per the manual) to develop these themes and policies

– 3-5 volunteers with the expertise requested by the bylaws will be sought, along with an expert in running small rental enterprises.

Review of advice to Subud California (with the same Church non-profit status as Subud PNW) from Tax Attorney on income produced by centers:

Oswald reviewed the advice on income producing centers and the tax ramifications there in. He concluded that as a church we do not, at this time, need further tax advice. We are in compliance with tax laws.

Regional Dewan Meeting:

Alexandra – For next month’s call, please come prepared with ideas for what to accomplish that weekend in March, dates are March 27-29, pot luck with Portland group on Saturday.


Alexandra — Call for an at-large PNW rep for the board; the Branchflowers were suggested.

Friends of Menucha Foundation Meeting:

Alexandra – The group is a 501c3, she and Pete met with their exec. director and two board members on Jan. 28; ideas included volunteer support; expecting list of opportunities in email from the ED.

Menucha Pre Planning:

Alexandra – Need to ramp up planning in March to support helper planning.

2015 Kejiwaan Gathering:

Alexandra – Can we do this in the fall at the centers? Let’s discuss in March, all agreed.

SUSA info:

Alexandra – The helpers manual issue update from national: awaiting WSA determination. PNW helpers now know and will notify center helpers, and letters will be going to PNW members too. She will send center chairs the SUSA letters.

Announcements: none

The meeting adjourned at 8:29 p.m. by acclaim.