Nov 03, 2018 Dewan Meeting Minutes aa

SGS Dewan Meeting 11/03/18


Call to order 10:30 after Latihan


Attendees: Jim O’Halloran, Leandra Hildreth, Halstei

n Stralberg, Lucinda O’Halloran, Sherwin O’Bar, Debbie Mechado-Santos




10-6-18 Minutes approved as amended.


Financial report:

 Call from church financial, insurer of California Subud houses.

they would like to take over insurance in June 2019. Liberty mutual will not renew.


990 T  tax return filed last week, several thousand dollar loss reported.

We will have another loss in 2018


Letter from IRS about contractors, saying that they don’t have social security numbers for our contractors.  Will resend them a copy of the 1099 R to confirm


Financial report tabled until next Dewan meeting.



October: no events

Busy month for Airbnb guests


guests are not locking the door, sign is placed.

Possible language issue. Need to find a new system.

Looking to invest in a self locking system, or devise another method to insure door gets locked.

We need to leave the door unlocked for Sunday mornings for Subud members.


House painting: would like to organize some fundraisers this spring in 2019 to reduce the need for a loan.

loan for subud PNW $7,000


Susila Dharma dinner report:

$1,100 in donations-the event was a hit!


Next time: more participation  better notification, posters maybe.



Winter Holiday get together.

Subud Ladies Lunch


Prepare for general meeting:

Bring treats!

new committee members: meeting on jan 27th.


Helper report:

Census reports: Completed and turned in.

Looking for helper candidates for both men and women helpers.

Helpers to look over SGS brochures and make updates.  Put website on brochure and take off phone number.

Men and women helpers to schedule more meetings.


Meeting adjourned at 11:21