Dewan Meeting Minutes June 30, 2013

Subud Greater Seattle Dewan Meeting

Minutes from Sunday, May 26th 2013 meeting

Present:  David Lynch, Sherwin O’Bar, Jim O’Halloran, Marston Gregory, Oswald Norton, Hadijah O’Bar, Hadidjah Gregory and Maryka Ford

Review of Financial Report

  • Please ask the committee for a copy of our financial report.
  • To do items for report:
    • Need a way to breakout rental vs center utility costs
    • Add utilities to the report
  • Parking Lot items:
    • How to increase the loan repayment amount paid to the Region and SUSA monthly
    • Regional housing fund requests (The committee agreed at the May mtg to increase the monthly loan repayments to both SUSA and SPNW from $50 to $100.)

Review of Minutes

  • The unofficial minutes, taken by Oswald were reviewed and accepted by the committee

Spring Street Center

  • Marston Gregory has asked the company Ramp Art (11 years of experience) for a proposal:
    • Ramp Art reviewed with Marston the ADA requirements
    • Are working on a proposal
  • Two areas need access (different heights w/in building):
    • Chapel
    • Living Room
  • Discussed the possibility of a portable ramp
    • This is not a permanent option
    • Because of insurance issues, renters have to provide their own ramp
  • Legal
    • Need legal understanding from an attorney regarding what we’re required to do as a rental property.
  • Action:
    • Housing Committee meeting – open to all – for further discussion 6/9

Communications – Hadijah’s Notes

  • Materials that would help members
    • Like:  an easy to read and current board for announcements and posted information … perhaps Half cork and half white board.
  • A one page Newspaper…that shares what we would want to share with folks who are our brothers and sisters in Subud.  That they could pick up and keep…not a major production…not issues…
  • Like notes that we would post for ourselves so we don’t forget some stuff we want to remember.
  • And a old fashioned phone tree …offered in fact because we don’t just talk to each other these days… as much as check in…and say did you see the email…are you on Facebook?
  • The Eastside Latihan is not a separate group…same members, same purpose, same checking account
  • Latihans are on Tuesday and Friday.
  • Our next SGS meeting will be on a Friday evening on the east side…
  • Mail Chimp: David will speak with Paul about Mail Chimp and Website
  • Helpers latihan is the 3rd Sunday after the general latihan and the 1st Sunday is the helper committee latihan after the general latihan.


Communications – Oswald’s Notes

  • Community:  What does it mean?  Why do we need it?  How does it foster Growth?  What we did in the past and what we need to do now?
  • Potlucks:
    • Not a lot of people attend after Sunday latihan
    • Why? Are people interested?
  • How can we get information from members about what they want?
  • Testing? Agreed to
  • How are our tools of communication working?
    • We need a system to add members to the list that receives the email updates from our site
    • We need a system to update member lists for the region and SUSA
  • Tools for communication:
    • Website
    • Bulletin Board
    • Monthly Newsletter
      • Printed and available for pickup
      • Hadidjah Gregory will produce it
    • Phone communications
      • Calling
      • Texting younger members
      • Figuring out who on the dewan has a connection with specific members
  • Do we have enough tools that we’re covering all members?
  • What are the roles and responsibilities of secretary?

Report on the Subud Eastside Location

  • Tuesdays are opening up options for members to attend
    • 5-6 women are coming consistently
    • Women are now coming Tuesdays and Fridays
    • We have women helper coverage for Tuesday and Friday


Next General Meeting

  • To be scheduled for a Friday at the Eastside location