Dewan Meeting Minutes Nov 24, 2013

Subud Great Seattle Dewan Meeting

Minutes:  Sunday, November 24, 2013
Present:  Sherwin and Hadijah O’Bar, Marston Gregory, Oswald Norton, Paul Nelson, Elisha Gullixson, Jim O’Halloran, David Lynch, Hadiyah Carlyle

Review of Last Month’s Minutes
Minutes taken by Hadiyah Carlyle were amended and accepted by the committee.  This is reflected on the Subud Greater Seattle website: for October 27, 2013.

Financial Report
Thanks to fundraising efforts by the Gregory’s, we are getting closer to closing the gap between our income and our budget.  Our next year end goal is to have 100% of membership contributing, even if some members only give $5.  Every little bit helps.

Our 2014 Budget will depend on the pledges received

At our next meeting we will be package the mailing for our 2014 pledge campaign.  The purpose of this campaign is to help us to assemble our budget for next year.

Your help is essential.  When you receive our pledge letter, please fill it in and return it immediately. This will allow us to create a budget based on what the membership is willing to give.

As of now we will use the 2013 budget until we get pledges and can plan more accurately.

Helper Report
In order to determine how the committee can best help support our helpers, we have set aside a time in the meeting for a helper report.

Women’s Report
Currently we have only one woman helper, Hadijah O’Bar.  We need more women, who have been active helpers to become active again. In recent testing, about how to strengthen the kedjiwann as a whole and produce a situation where more members would be willing to serve as helpers, the men and women helpers did some testing.

Out of that testing came the feeling that we should set aside a day of fasting and forgiveness. At the end of the day we would break fast together.  The level to which each individual fasts, would be in accordance with what they are able to carry out.

We agreed that December 29th would be devoted for that purpose.  The committee will help with calling members to inform them of the event and ask for their participation.

Men’s Report
The men are welcoming Halstein Stralberg as a helper to our group.  Halstein recently moved here with his wife Ida from California.

Spring Street Center
This past week had the best week ever.  We had four separate events. Paul and Marston have worked hard to make this happen.  We are now reregistered with Air B&B.  Paul spoke about the upcoming Cascadia Poetry Festival which will be a SICA event and his non-profit organization’s 20th anniversary, (SPLAB) which will happen at the Subud House on Saturday, January 18, 2014.

Tabled:  To talk about next meeting.  Setting aside funds for maintenance and repairs from Spring Street Center revenues.

Upcoming events
Holiday Party Dec 22 after latihan.  We will be honoring the Stralbergs and Tedrows, old time members who have recently joined our group.  Annie Padilla and Hadijah O’Bar are coordinating the food for this event.  Please call Hadijah O’Bar if you would like to contribute, 425-246-9242.

Day of Healing & Forgiveness, Sunday Dec 29.
Just prior to the New Year the helpers of Subud Greater Seattle invite all members and former members to a Kedjiwan day of healing and forgiveness.

Those who would like to participate would fast in the morning in most appropriate way for you and come to the Seattle Subud House for the Sunday latihan at 11 am. Before the latihan begins the helpers will offer a prayer that this latihan will be one of healing for our group.  After the latihan is over everyone would come upstairs and break fast together.

Through this effort we hope that our center may enter the New Year fresh and unencumbered.

NOTE This invitation is extended to all members and former members of Subud Greater Seattle. If you cannot attend, we hope you will join us through fasting and prayer for our center.

January 18, SPLAB 20th Anniversary Party with music, poetry and announcement of the headliners for the 2nd Cascadia Poetry Festival, May 1-4, 2014, at Spring Street Center & Seattle U.