Dewan Meeting Minutes June 23, 2018

Below are partial meeting minutes provided by Jim O’Halloran, for the June 23, 2018, Dewan meeting for Subud Greater Seattle:

Jim’s partial minutes and to do list

Meeting called to order 9:30AM after Latihan, without a quorum as chair and secretary had not yet arrived.  A quorum was achieved about 9:45 when Honora and Leandra arrived.
Initial attendees:
Oswald Norton, Marston Gregory, Sherwin O’Bar, Jim O’Halloran, Debbie Santos-Machado, Halstein Stralberg, Paul Nelson, and Lucinda O’Halloran.
Old Business:
Unable to review previous minutes as they were unavailable.  Leandra said she will be sending them out.
Paul noted that the minutes have not been getting posted to the website.
Financial report:
We have a shrinking deficit.  The report from Virgil Woodfield the nonprofit CPA was discussed; and a discussion regarding our tax status ensued.  When Honora and Leandra arrived, the financial report was approved.
A motion was made, seconded, discussed, and approved to pay off the balance of our loan to SPNW, which is currently $2167.  This is the amount estimated for our basement kitchen remodel which it was decided to defer as our rental business is currently very low.
A motion was made, seconded, discussed, and approved to double our loan payment to SUSA.
Sherwin has paid Virgil Woodfield for our nonprofit recommendations.
Liberty Mutual will not insure SPNW with our Air BnB business-we will have to find another carrier.  The current policy will expire in 7-1-2019.  Jim will contact DiFranco Insurance.  Marston suggested Church mutual insurance Co.  Paul mentioned that Air BnB has a $1 million policy.
Sherwin was asked if he would like to have someone else do SGS books-he would be OK with that so he can concentrate on SPNW and also not have a conflict.  It was agreed to seek a replacement.  Sherwin started to estimate how much time was involved, but Jim interrupted him (Sorry!).
Financial report was approved.
Spring Street Center Report:  All projects except kitchen remodel completed, kitchen remodel deferred as currently no rental business.  Not sure if this was approved.
Debbie gave rental report.  Very slow.  Not sure if this was approved.
Childcare:  Jim contacted Daniel Stralberg, Lambert, and Raphael, hearing back only from Daniel.  Daniel indicated that right now they are pretty well set up, but it sounds like a great idea.  Marston said that Haridas and Trisha Singh along with their two sons will be moving to Redmond soon!  They may benefit from childcare also.
Helpers, please test regarding children in house, and whatever issues come up in testing.
Marston suggested having a monthly family event.  Honora and others are enthusiastic about this idea; and Honora suggested we have an event coordinator as our follow-through on events has been very poor.
Post minutes to website
insurance follow-up: Jim, Marston, anyone else—
Childcare:  Jim contact K. T.  Niehoff, Leandra needs someone to partner with on childcare Helpers need to test regarding childcare
Schedule future meetings, at appropriate times & days
Find an events coordinator
SGS bookkeeper
OK, that’s what I have before I had to leave-apologies for not staying, I had not written something else in my calendar and it was not moveable.
Thanks, everyone!
Love, Jim