Dewan Meeting Minutes Dec 7, 2014

Dewan Meeting Minutes, December 7, 2014. Present Hadijah O’Bar, Marston Gregory, Elisha Gullixson, Jim O’Halloran, David Lynch, Hadiyah Carlyle, Sherwin O’Bar, Oswald Norton, Paul Nelson.

Minutes approved, Sherwin made motion, Elisha seconded. Approved.

Financial Report – Sherwin O’Bar. Official property value notice: Land $234,000 building $65,700. Department of Planning says next door 1400 Spring Street will be 5 unit lots, condos. Year to date inflows $63,838. Outflows $58,303 $7,500 overall net. We are to set aside up to ten percent. Member donations at about $16,00 compared to budget $18,500. Rental revenues are over $50,000 as opposed to the $20,000 we projected for 2014. Lillian Shulman is requiring certain forms for the $10K grant we are to receive for the handicap ramp project. We may put that money into a savings account until we are ready to pay the ramp project. Sherwin proposed we put 5% into the housing fund. Oswald Norton suggested we be reminded that how we allocate funds under the auspices of Subud Pacific Northwest and that we hold off depositing any grant funds until 2015. A discussion of tax ramifications ensued with Marston suggesting we check with Subud California who has dealt with much larger revenues than Subud PNW. Sherwin reports that Subud PNW is already regarded as a church for tax purposes. Do we still have autonomy over decisions in Seattle or are we to get approval from the region? Marston suggests this is a partnership, but we are responsible to the region for our actions. David Lynch volunteered to be the representative for the regional dewan as Housing Committee member. Is there a conflict of interest in that situation? We decided that david should take on the position and, if there is a conflict of interest, he’ll step down. The 2015 budget proposal was made by Sherwin which suggests our goal for total revenues would be $80,000, including $20K for donations and $50K for rental revenues. Oswald talked about how additional outreach is to be done by the Regional Helpers and that would cost $6,000. Sherwin moved that we make an additional donation to the region of $1,200, seconded by Elisha. Motion approved.

A discussion of next week’s party ensued. David will play carols and Hanukkah tunes. The event will be a potluck, but SGS will contribute $100 for food. Hadiyah O’Bar will decorate the house day before.

This budget needs to be approved by the membership at the annual meeting.

Spring Street Center, Marston Gregory said we should have a quarterly regional Centerprise committee meeting and we should collaborate more and share, that it wold be valuable for the region. Paul will do a report on specific rentals from 2014 with categories of rentals broken out for the next meeting. We are getting a new washer, an industrial strength one. We need to refurbish Room #2. We also need new photographs. We also need the push bar for the chapel and David Lynch will get a quote for that. Marston will update the wish list for house repairs. Marston urged a small stipend/gift to those responsible for making the revenues so high in 2014. With Marston and Paul out of the room the dewan decided to give gifts to those working on the house.

Paul reported about the revenues and the two special events in December, a transgender Christmas dinner and charitable giveaway on Christmas Eve. Both renters were given special consideration and outreach to the transgender community will be done by Hadijah. Paul said he did create an article for publication in the Squire Park Community Council newsletter.

Helpers Report – Hadijah O’Bar reports that there are many local helpers on the women’s side and the harmony seems to be increasing. The women’s 12:30 Thursday latihan continues, but attendance is small, but consistent. Women helpers hope to complete the census by the 10th. Lorraine Tedrow is taking the lead on that. Jim O’Halloran reported that he and Halstein are working on the Men’s side of the census. He reported on the testing done when the national helpers were in town and they were generally about the harmony of the local group and the consensus is that there is quite a bit of harmony in the group right now and we’re moving in the right direction. Latihans for harmony continue on the men’s side.

Wednesday latihans on the East Side are off for the time being. Friday evenings are rocking.

SICA Report – Paul Nelson including positive test results for staging the 2016 Cascadia Poetry Festival at the Subud House. Whether the festival will happen has not yet been determined.

Handicap Access Project – David Lynch and Marston Gregory. The timing on that seems to be Spring. David will write up a contract.

Regional Outreach – Oswald Norton reports there is an awesome regional dewan, with huge hearts and a big vision. They have spent a lot of time and resources to plan a Regional Helper getaway. They meet again this Wednesday. One of their discussions is to make Menucha an event that anyone who wants to attend can do so, because the event is so transformational. The regional board and dewan are really looking to the future. Hadijah O’Bar said she’d like to see more accommodations for people who can’t attend. A discussion of a regional kejiwaan event here at the Subud House ensued.

January Elections – Any Chair candidates yet? No. David Lynch is open to the possibility of continuing. Oswald suggests everyone test on this topic.

Meeting adjourned at 10:59A